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Secret Agent North Seven East* is once again pitting his wits (and his life) against the powers of evil as he battles the greatest villians ever assembled.

On Her Majesty's Geologic Service

Disguised as a geologist with the British Geological Survey, he has a license to dig. With that license, North Seven East roams the world fighting evil, wooing women, seeking adventure, and collecting rocks. From subduction zone to mid-ocean ridge, no criminal is safe with North Seven East on his trail.

You Only Map Twice

His vehicle, a Chevy Suburban, is specially equipped. From the corundum bumpers to the streak plate side panels, this car is ready for action. The hubcap knockoffs are diamond saws to allow N7E to create thin sections on the move. The ultra-violet headlights quickly locate fluorescent minerals at night. Rear tail lights capable of spraying HCl assure rapid dissolution of limestone highways to discourage even the most calcareous villian.

He takes nothing for granite. His name?

Hound, Rock Hound

The Man with
 the Golden Hammer

Follow the exploits of our super hero as he battles the most notorious group of villians ever to evolve from the primal ooze.

You'll be on the edge of your mapboard when he faces the most infamous and dangerous villian of them all.

Summer Field

N7E Logo

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From Mantle with Love

Now appearing at a theater near you.

Rock Hound N7E

*(For our less geologic audience: N7E is the compass quadrant measurement of azimuth angle 007)

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