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Welcome to the North Pole!

This site is dedicated to those wonderful little villages that depict the Santa's home at the North Pole.  It's called The Village Insomniac because of the number of sleepless nights I've spent building my Santa's Village display in my head.

My favorite Santa-related collection is the North Pole Series from Department 56.  This is a set of porcelain buildings and accessories that embodies (for me) the spirit of Santa's Village. 

In December 1999, I decided to turn my seasonal display into a year-round village by converting my home office to the North Pole.  Here's the current status of the Department 56 project.

Although the D56 set is my favorite,  I have a few other sets that I have collected over the years.  The Enesco North Pole Collection was my first set.    I've also included several other collections that may interest you.

Wherever possible, I have tried to include photos of boxes and other packaging, and as much information about manufacturers, marks on pieces, etc., that I have had time to gather.  Not that I think anyone will be entertained by looking at photos of boxes, but in hopes that they will help you recognize pieces that might interest you.

Although I don't classify them as "villages," there are several nice collections of North Pole interior scenes.  I'm also intrigued by animated pieces, and have a couple to share with you. For the truly masochistic, there are many books and pamplets for crafting your own villages in various media.  Finally, there are one or two miscellaneous items that I couldn't fit in any category.

Not all of the items you will see on these pages are in my own collection ... I started out trying to collect everything I ran across and soon had a house full of boxes then two storage sheds packed floor to ceiling. And what's the point of collecting things if you can't enjoy looking at them? So I'm currently going through all of my collections and selling any duplicates and all but my favorites. Before you ask... I'm keeping my Enesco elves! You can find the pieces I'm selling at  

A word about the photos... I originally set out to put all of my pieces in storage while I converted my home office to the North Pole...    As I found duplicates of some pieces, I realized that the collection had gotten way out of hand and I didn't know what I had.   So I started this project as a personal catalog to help me avoid purchasing more extras.  Putting this together led me to look for more information, more villages that I didn't know about, and one thing led to another...  Anyway, I photographed pieces as I was packing them away, and later realized that photos that looked good in the camera didn't look so good on the computer screen.  Eventually, as pieces come out of storage, I'll replace the bad photos with better ones.   

To make the pages faster in loading, I've put in thumbnails rather than most of the actual photos.  You used to be able to see the actual photo by clicking on the thumbnail.  The photos were stored at WWW.PHOTOPOINT.COM, which went out of business several years ago.  I've just recently uncovered the disk with my original photos on it and will be replacing the broken links to photopoint. This is turning out to take a lot of time, so please be patient!

Being a village addict requires a vast network of support.  I also collect books and videos about Christmas and I've included some links to favorites on   Last, but not least, here are links to some of my favorite places and people on the web. 



Want to swap stories about your collection?  Tell me more about pieces you find here or new collections I should include? Have your own website with related info?   I'd love to hear from you!