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B:>compatible, LLC

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Albany, Schenectady, Troy, NY Area

We are your local source for computer assistance.

Eileen Schoch

Eileen Schoch










Eileen Schoch

Founder and Owner of B:>compatible, LLC

Eileen is a Microsoft® Certified Professional in the implementation and support of Windows. She also has completed her MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) Expert Level for Office 97 and is now offering training in Office 2000 and Office XP. Eileen has been teaching people how to help themselves since 1975.

Access Databases are a specialty.

She started B:>compatible in 1994 when she realized how large the need was for professional personal training on today's complex PC's. Her focus has always been on the individual user and their equipment and software needs.

Her expertise is Basic Windows XP and 9x training, as well as Microsoft Office components; Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and FrontPage. She teaches various versions of other popular programs such as Quicken, Laplink and Microsoft Exchange, just to name a few, are ones she can help you understand and use.

Eileen teaches public computer classes at the Schenectady County Community College. She also contracts out to businesses to train staff, develop training materials and develop Access databases. She has been affiliated with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) to provide support to a national business account.

Eileen is a specialist in Windows XP & 9x Peer-to-peer networking and Windows XP &9x, Dial-up Networking (DUNS) and e-mail clients using these networks.

If you would like to contact Eileen, you can e-mail her at:

Dave Schoch

Dave Schoch







Dave Schoch

Eileen's husband, Dave, has had the computer bug as long as his wife. Dave fell in love with the hardware and configuration aspects of the computer back in the days of the Atari 8-bit computers. Dave has programmed in Atari Basic and Assembler on the 6502 chip used in the Atari's. He was published in the now defunct Atari specific magazine, Analog Computing.

Dave is B:>compatible's man for configuration and troubleshooting of Windows XP, 9x and computer hardware.  Dave can even help you with your old equipment if it's still running MS-DOS applications.  His specialty is Virus Removal and home network Firewall installation and maintenance.  He also is our specialist on system configuration for drivers for your machine, to include video cards, Ethernet cards, printers, sound cards, modems and other hardware.  He can even show you how to solve some of those 'blue screens of death' errors without re-formatting that hard drive!  He can help you set up a peer-to-peer network for your home or small business. 

Dave also teaches classes at Schenectady County Community College and can train you in Basic Windows XP and 9x. He can also show you how to configure DOS programs to run through Windows XP and 9x, which is especially vital to some businesses that continue to use older DOS based applications.

Other areas Dave can assist you in are e-mail configuration, Internet connections, Newsgroup readers and configuration and custom Windows 9x Config.sys, Autoexec.bat and even old Dosstart.bat files for specific programs.

You can e-mail Dave at:


Claudia Gregoire

Claudia Gregoire

Claudia Gregoire

Claudia was a novice who called on us for some help understanding her computer.   After some basic instruction, she saw how her computer could be used with her love of photography.  Claudia is well versed (and mostly self taught, like all the B:>compatible staff) in the various Windows operating systems, MS Word, Works and digital photography.  With her artistic talents she has had photographs published on the web and creates her own greeting cards.

Claudia specializes in home instruction and teaches at the Schenectady County Community College. She can help you with understanding your computer, performing system maintenance, scanning pictures and documents, using digital cameras and photo enhancement programs as well as file organization and maintenance.  She can also help you with MS Word, Works, Windows XP and how to use and PC interface your Palm Pilot .  She can also show you how to create your own personal web page.

You can e-mail Claudia at:

To see some of Claudia's work click below for her websites.

Click here for Web site 1 build with web tools.

Click here for Web site 2 written directly in HTML.



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