Bates County Museum
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Museum Displays

Permanent Displays 


     Mural Depictions (left to right)
          General Order No. 11
         Tragic Depopulation in 1863
         resulting in Bates County being
       'ground zero' in the Burnt District.
  The Skirmish at Island Mound in 1862
 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry
   (Skirmish was southwest of Butler and was
   the first documented engagement involving
        African-American soldiers.)


     General JO Shelby 
"The Undefeated Rebel"

Civil War artifacts

   The entire second floor is devoted to early artifacts from Bates County donated by the pioneer families of the area.  From the founding of Harmony Mission in 1821 to the growth of the County over the years, there is something that will interest everyone. 
   The West Wing is a Time Line room tracing the history in sequence, while the East Wing contains eight Theme rooms depicting early various themes such as an Early Kitchen, General Store, Doctor and Dentist office, Women's Craft, Art, Music and Literature, Toys, and Communications rooms.
The East Hallway has several cases of antique glass ware, clocks and lamps.
   The East Hallway also contains a large display on Robert Heinlein, famous Science fiction writer who was born in Butler, Missouri.

General Store


Doctor and Dentist Office


Ladies Crafts


Building Cabins