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There's nothing like a home-cooked meal!  

In this age of fast food and busy schedules, it seems almost a thing of the past.  I have worked to find recipes which are not only good, but EASY!  A lot of the recipes here can be prepared ahead of time.  That way you can do the work when you have the time instead of waiting until the dinner hour when things seem to be most hectic.  Most of these recipes use ingredients you should already have on hand. So check your pantry and GET COOKING !!  

You can either select a category from the buttons on the left or search the recipes to find some that use the ingredients you have on hand.

I really enjoy cooking, and I'm always trying and modifying new recipes.  Most of the recipes on this site are ones that I have changed - either to suit my tastes or to use the ingredients I have on hand. All the recipes here are ones that I really like.  There are so many recipes in the world that there is just no excuse for using one twice if it's not something you really enjoy.  Now, whether the rest of the family enjoys them or not is another story, but I try to add special notes about who likes what.  

I must admit that this site is also a way to keep track of the recipes that I really like.  Haven't you had that recipe you really liked, but then you couldn't find it the next time you wanted to use it?  Well, I have, so when I make something I really like, I am going to add the recipe to this web site.  Then I will always be able to find it, and you will be able to enjoy it too.

I usually read a recipe as a kind of 'suggestion' for how to make something.  Even if I don't try them, I am always looking for new recipes.  I read cookbooks for fun - especially the ones with good pictures!  I hope you have fun visiting my kitchen, too!

Have you tried any of my recipes?  Do you have one you'd like to share?  Let me know!


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