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We have collected old phonographs for many years and enjoy restoring them to their original condition. All the work is done by hand with close attention to detail.

The machines are restored to original factory specifications. Our specialty is Victor Orthophonics, like the unusual hand-painted leather-front credenza we own.

Of course, we still like Edisons, like our A250 onto which we put six coats of hand-rubbed varnish when we restored it.

We repainted and re-striped the bedplate, then rebuilt the reproducers! The motor glistens with new paint and a complete rebuild, and sets off the horn which we re-faux painted back to original. We spend hours playing our best 52000 series Diamond Disc records.

Similar work was just finished on our Opera and Victor III with spearpoint horn. Some love this part of the hobby.

Photos and info on recent projects Completed Projects
Visit this page to view photos and information on the restoration of recent projects.
Send mail to Brett & Cheryl I restore and sell so please email any questions about restoration, repairs, or comments to us at:
P.S. It helps to have a complete machine shop in the garage since Brett is an ex-machinist.

Victor Credenza,
sic 1924
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