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The Shining Scroll summarizes the society’s activities, newly published books and events related to Montgomery, news from PEI and special articles and research by the Society’s members. See details of each edition on the Index page. Please observe the copy rights of the authors -- share the web site address of this page but contact the Literary Society if you wish to use any content from the following work.

LM Montgomery Literary Society articles

The Shining Scroll periodical
2012 part 2 Montgomery’s China, Rug-Hooking in the Montgomery Books, Montgomery’s Honeymoon Trousseau, The Macdonalds’ 1911 Honeymoon Tour in Scotland, Montgomery Day and Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Leaskdale, Patty’s Place in Nova Scotia, Montgomery Historian Dr. Francis Bolger, new Montgomery-related book, DVD, and TV series, auction, and more
2012 part 1 Chronicles of Avonlea centennial, the Dedication of Epperly Plaza, Friends of the L. M. Montgomery Institute and fund-raising auction, Lighthouse Touring on the North Shore, 2012 Montgomery Conference on Cultural Memory, In Search of L. M. Montgomery in the Early 1970s, The Value of Montgomery Books, Discovering Fragments of Island History in Montgomery’s Stories.

2011 Part 1: The history of the Leaskdale Manse Museum, the Lucy Maud Montgomery At Home in Leaskdale Centennial Celebration, and a presentation from the conference -- The Very Soul of the Universe Must Ache With Anguish: L.M. Montgomery, Leaskdale, and Loss in The Great  War
2011 Part 2: Montgomery’s 100 year wedding anniversary, L. M. Montgomery’s Halifax: The Real Life Inspiration for Anne of the Island, The Dalhousie Girls, Grace Lin: A Kindred Spirit, Anita Webb and Her Aunt Maud, a unique edition of Anne’s House of Dreams, The Ever Expanding Montgomery Bibliography, Montgomery related events, and our Literary Society meetings.
December 2010 Part 3: This issue features many stories centered on Prince Edward Island. Carolyn Collins reveals the story behind “Captain Jim’s lighthouse” from Anne’s House of Dreams in her article on Cape Tryon and the “Four Winds Lighthouse.” Carolyn also has an update on “Melrose Cottage,” the home of Montgomery’s aunt Margaret Montgomery Sutherland and an artifact from the ship, the Marco Polo. We note with sadness the passing of Montgomery friends and champions, Joan O’Brien, Ruth Campbell, and Georgie Campbell MacLeod. Mary Beth Cavert writes the story of a Montgomery friend in Leaskdale, Margaret Leask Mustard, to introduce the 2011 centennial and celebration of Montgomery’s arrival in Ontario. Lastly, Carolyn Collins describes one of the most rare of all Montgomery books, a little book of poetry from 1905.
December 2010 Part 2: an overview of the 2010 Montgomery conference held on Prince Edward Island, “L.M. Montgomery and the Matter of Nature;” Christy Woster’s research on the book that inspired a very young Lucy Maud Montgomery to start keeping a journal, A Bad Boy’s Diary; a discovery of an “Anne” dress pattern; and a summary of the first Laura Ingalls Wilder conference, “Laurapalooza.”
December 2010 Part 1: Collecting and Sharing Montgomery Books; Anne of Australia - Montgomery's Australian editions.
December 2009: Montgomery's Rainbow Valley dedication to Goldwin Lapp and the Other World War I Soldiers she knew; Montgomery's Japanese Kimono; Needlework in the Anne Series, and, of course, much more. 
September 2009: the early reviews of Anne of Avonlea, the book dedication to Harriet Gordon Smith, the Bideford Parsonage, Dr. Mollie Gillen, The Blythes Are Quoted, and more.

December 2008: the 2008 L.M. Montgomery Conference, Prince Edward Island; New Edition of The Anne of Green Gables Treasury; The Nine Lives of L. M. Montgomery musical; L.M. Montgomery Conference, Guelph, Ontario;,” L.M. Montgomery Literary Society Meetings and Anne 100 Events; A Writer Forgotten: The Story of Edith Russell, by Christy Woster; L.M. Montgomery’s Book Dedications in Rainbow Valley: Robert Brooks, 116th Battalion, C.E.F. by Mary Beth Cavert; The Open Fellowship of Kindred Spirits by Vanessa Brown.


October 2008: read about Montgomery’s first love, Herman Leard, and the picture of him that she admired and put into her journal. Emily Woster sleuths out the story of the mystery man behind the illustration that Montgomery thought was “as much like Herman as a photograph.” Christy Woster continues her “artifactual” exploration of Montgomery by collecting and identifying more of the clippings in her scrapbooks (as seen in Betsy Epperly’s Imagining Anne). In last year’s Shining Scroll we included the story of one of the soldiers in Montgomery’s book dedications, Morley Shier. We continue this theme with a feature on World War I author, John McCrae (In Flander’s Fields) and his ties with Islander Dr. Andrew Macphail. Read how L.M. Montgomery, O.B.E., Sir Andrew Macphail, O.B.E., Lieutentant Colonel Dr. McCrae, and Lord Earl Grey had a royal time together on Prince Edward Island.



keywords: Montgomery International Conference, George Maureen Campbell, Elizabeth Epperly, Ruth Macdonald, Dr. Bolger, John Jennie Macneill, Montgomery Homestead, Elizabeth Waterston, Mary Rubio, A Tangled Web, Anne of Ingleside, Carolyn Collins, Picturing A Canadian Life, Janet Lunn, Irene Gammel, Christina Wyss Eriksson, Christy Woster, Penny Shreck, Elizabeth Woolner, Lewis Woolner, Frederic Woolner, Sarah Reidel, 1919 Anne of Green Gables silent movie, Leaskdale Manse, Jim Gaboury, Carol Gaboury, Wilda Clark, Kathy David Wasylenky, Pat Millner, Elsie Davidson, Gerri Lynn O'Connor, Kelly Boehm, Janet Ecker, Kate Macdonald, Nine Elliot, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Gayle Clark, Mary Beth Cavert, Emily Climbs, Arthur John Lockhart, Pastor Felix, Henry Longfellow, Evangeline, Nate Lockhart, Winterport Maine.

1997: The Manse is Declared a Canadian Historical Site, Fire at Green Gables, News from PEI friends, Bala Celebration of Macdonald Family Features Mollie Gillen, Norval Dedication of the LMM  Garden, Emily of New Moon Being Filmed, Gog/Magog Project Underway, New Books – including The Anne of Green Gables Christmas Treasury


Special Presentations

L.M. Montgomery's World War I era Good Fairy Statue produced in 1916 by Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh. See a portrait of the sculptor of The Good Fairy, Josephine Kern.
Simon Lloyd   April, 2009: The LM Montgomery Literary Society presents Simon Lloyd, University of Prince Edward Island Special Collections Librarian, "Making Maud Feel at Home: Collecting L.M. Montgomery at the University of Prince Edward Island."  View the beautiful SLIDES in the presentation. Images and text are (c) by Simon Lloyd and the University of Prince Edward Island. Please link to this page for bookmarking these documents. See photos on Facebook.
Honoring the Montgomery Preservationists:  At the 2008 L.M. Montgomery conference, Beth and Carolyn made a special presentation on the opening day. They identified a group of remarkable people who were the first to begin to preserve the legacy of LM Montgomery in a variety of ways. Every fan of LMM should know about these wonderful and generous Montgomery pioneers!  Read about:  Leta Andrew, Francis W.P. Bolger, James and Ruth Campbell, Maud, Amy, and Georgie Campbell, Wilda and Harold Clark, Mollie Gillen, Ruth Macdonald, Jennie and John Macneill, Heath and Mary Ella Montgomery, Elizabeth Waterston, Anita, Marion, Pauline, Lorraine, and Keith Webb. Then, view the video honoring the Montgomery pioneers on our Montgomery Videos page. The music (which begins after a few seconds) is a gaelic love song performed by the College of Piping Celtic Singers on PEI.

 Selected Articles from The Shining Scroll
The Artists of Anne of Green Gables The Shining Scroll 2007.
Collecting L.M. Montgomery The Shining Scroll 2006. An inventory of Montgomery memorabilia collected by our members.
Who Is Isabel Anderson?  The Shining Scroll 2004. Montgomery's persistent fan.
Whatever Happened to Nate Lockhart? The Shining Scroll 2004. Montgomery's first sweetheart.
The Woolner Jug  The Shining Scroll 2004. Montgomery's family heirloom which was featured in her book, A Tangled Web.
Muskoka Dream The Shining Scroll 1995. L.M. Montgomery at Bala Ontario, creating The Blue Castle.

Collecting LM Montgomery at UPEI

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