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December 2009
L.M. Montgomery and World War I: A Book Dedication to Goldwin D. Lapp - Mary Beth Cavert
Montgomery's Other Soldiers - Mary Beth Cavert
The Untold Story of L.M. Montgomery's Japanese Kimono - Yuka Kajihara
International Anne: Happenings from Around the World
New Books
The Symbolism of Needlework and Textile Arts in the Anne Series - Pamela Hancock
Anne in Space
PEI Happenings - Carolyn Collins
Literary Society Events: Simon Lloyd on "Collecting LM Montgomery"
Collectors' Corner - Christy Woster
Clippings and Cuttings - Christy Woster
September 2009
Reviews of Anne of Avonlea - Christy Woster
Anne of Avonlea Book Dedication: Harriet Gordon Smith - Mary Beth Cavert
The Bideford Parsonage - Jack Hutton
Dr. Mollie Gillen - Mary Beth Cavert
Preview of The Blythes Are Quoted
More About Edith Russell - Christy Woster
Book Ends: Musings on Autumn - Christina Wyss Eriksson
Collectors' Corner: New Finds of Montgomery Material - Christy Woster

Keywords: Wilda Harold Clark, Uxbridge, Elsie Davidson, Leaskdale Manse, Uxbridge-Scott Museum, Zpehyr, Road to Avonlea, May Beth Cavert, Sarah Reidel, Bala Museum, Jack Linda Hutton, Mary Miles Minter, Megan Follows, Riverside Drive Toronto, Norval, Crawford Bakery, Aunt Maud's Recipe Book, Luella Macdonald Veijalainen, Jennie Macneill, Carolyn Collins, Alexandra Heilbron, Elizabeth MacLeod, Montgomery short stories.

December 2008


“L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables and the Idea of Classic” Conference - Christy Woster


International Anne - Ann Johnson

A Note About Books - Mary Beth Cavert


New Edition of The Anne of Green Gables Treasury Published - Carolyn Collins


The Nine Lives of L. M. Montgomery musical debuts on PEI - Carolyn Collins


From Canada to the World: The Cultural Influence of L.M. Montgomery” Conference - Christy Woster


First L.M. Montgomery Conference at University of Guelph - Deborah Quaile


L.M. Montgomery Literary Society Meetings and Anne 100 Events


A Writer Forgotten: The Story Of Edith Russell - Christy Woster


Rainbow Valley and L.M. Montgomery’s Book Dedications: Robert Brooks, 116th Battalion, C.E.F. - Mary Beth Cavert


The Open Fellowship of Kindred Spirits: Impressions of Montgomery Scholarship - Vanessa Brown
October 2008


In Search of a Princess and her Prince: How I Inadvertently Found Herman Leard - Emily Woster


Re-introducing Herman Leard: L.M. Montgomery’s “Love of My Life” - Mary Beth Cavert


Clippings and Cuttings: Sources of Some of the Images and Poetry in L.M. Montgomery’s Island Scrapbooks - Christy Woster


L.M. Montgomery, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, and Sir Andrew Macphail - Mary Beth Cavert

Autumn 2007


L.M. Montgomery Literary Society Web Site Launched


The Artists of Anne of Green Gables: A Hundred Year Mystery. Christy Woster reveals all the details about the artists who are found in the Anne books: WAJ CLaus, MA Claus, and George Gibbs.


Marilla’s Amethyst Brooch: Unlocking the Secrets of Antique Jewelry - Sarah Riedel


Following In Anne’s Footsteps: An “Anne” Itinerary For Prince Edward Island - Carolyn Collins


L. M. Montgomery Literary Society Meetings 2006-7


LMM's Montgomery Ancestors Arrive - Carolyn Collins


L. M. Montgomery news: Books, exhibits, and The Nine Lives of LMM


"Lest We Forget" Rainbow Valley - Mary Beth Cavert. This article explains what happened to one of the Leaskdale soldiers who earned a Montgomery book dedication - Morley Shier.


Autumn 2006

Summary of the 7th L.M. Montgomery Conference at the University of Prince Edward Island


Collecting L.M. Montgomery - A special report from the members of the LMMLS that describes the “collectibles” that keep them connected to the tangible world of L.M. Montgomery


Historic Recognition for the Macneill Homestead in Cavendish


Plagiarism or Deadly Parallel? Christy Woster examines a short story that mirrors a story line in Anne’s House of Dreams.


Winter 2006 (2005 edition)


L.M. Montgomery and the Railway King of Canada - Christy Woster


The Ronald McNair Program Supports Montgomery Research - Emily Woster


Kilmeny of the Orchard and L.M. Montgomery’s Book Dedications: Bertie McIntyre - Mary Beth Cavert. This is a biography of LMM’s beloved Montgomery cousin.


News from PEI - Carolyn Collins. The Marco Polo ship model and a new Anne musical.


Autumn 2004


Report on the 6th L.M. Montgomery Conference at the University of Prince Edward Island.

The Readings of a Writer -  Emily Woster.


The Woolner Jug: Centrepiece of “A Tangled Web” -  Carolyn Collins


Who Is Isabel Anderson? -  Mary Beth Cavert. A biography of Montgomery’s persistent “fan.”


What Happened to Nate Lockhart? - Mary Beth Cavert. A follow up on Montgomery’s first rejected boyfriend.


On War and Writing -  L. M. Montgomery’s Thoughts on World War I and Her Advice on Authoring Books as related in two rediscovered articles from 1915 (From Everywoman’s World, Toronto, April 1915 ) 


Autumn 2003 


The Shifting Landscapes of LMM - Carolyn Collins identifies sites/buildings from Montgomery’s life on PEI that have been relocated.


Dr. Elizabeth Epperly's Address at the LMM Memorial Service


The Story Girl, Rilla of Ingleside and L.M. Montgomery’s Book Dedications: Frede, More Than Friend and Cousin - Mary Beth Cavert. The life of Frederica Campbell and her importance to Montgomery.


A Visit to the Guelph Archives - Carolyn Collins

Elsie Davidson - Mary Beth Cavert. A memorial to one of Montgomery’s maids.


Ten Year Anniversaries Celebrated: the Bala Museum and the LMM Heritage Museum


The 2004 Symposium: L.M. Montgomery Conference at the University of Prince Edward Island


2002 (Winter 2003)
keywords: Montgomery International Conference, George Maureen Campbell, Elizabeth Epperly, Ruth Macdonald, Dr. Bolger, John Jennie Macneill, Montgomery Homestead, Elizabeth Waterston, Mary Rubio, A Tangled Web, Anne of Ingleside, Carolyn Collins, Picturing A Canadian Life, Janet Lunn, Irene Gammel, Christina Wyss Eriksson, Christy Woster, Penny Shreck, Elizabeth Woolner, Lewis Woolner, Frederic Woolner, Sarah Reidel, 1919 Anne of Green Gables silent movie, Leaskdale Manse, Jim Gaboury, Carol Gaboury, Wilda Clark, Kathy David Wasylenky, Pat Millner, Elsie Davidson, Gerri Lynn O'Connor, Kelly Boehm, Janet Ecker, Kate Macdonald, Nine Elliot, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Gayle Clark, Mary Beth Cavert, Emily Climbs, Arthur John Lockhart, Pastor Felix, Henry Longfellow, Evangeline, Nate Lockhart, Winterport Maine.

Montgomery Conference - Mary Beth Cavert. Summary of the 5th International conference of the LMM Institute.
Official Launch of the Virtual Museum - Carolyn Collins
2001-2002 Meetings - Features a presentation by Elizabeth Anne Woolner
From Manse to Museum: A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Leaskdale, Ontario on October 19, 2002 - Jim Gaboury. Jim reports on the opening of the Manse, which houses his late wife’s collection of LMM books, article also includes several photos of the event.
Emily Climbs and L.M. Montgomery’s Book Dedications: Arthur John Lockhart (Pastor Felix) - Mary Beth Cavert. A summary of Beth’s research on LMM’s pen pal with archival photos of his handwritten anthologies.


November 2001


Remembering a Friend of Anne: A memorial to Wilda Clark - Mary Beth Cavert


A Visit to L.M. Montgomery’s Ontario - Sarah Riedel


Tea With Luella - Carolyn Collins. Montgomery’s granddaughter and great-great grandson visit the Island


Preview of Montgomery Conference in June 2002.


Summer 2000


L.M. Montgomery and Popular Culture - Mary Beth Cavert. Summary of the summer conference.


LMM Stories Re-discovered - Carolyn Collins reports on two of Montgomery’s “lost” short stories – stories which were listed in her ledger but for which no publication information has ever been found.

Scrapbook found on PEI containing the serialization of Anne of Green Gables from November 1909 - Carolyn Collins


Pat of Silver Bush Dedication: Following the Path of Montgomery and May MacNeill to the Secret Field - Mary Beth Cavert


More Popular – or Not So Popular – Culture! - Carolyn Collins. Report on the television production of “Anne of Green Gables – the Continuing Story,” the Emily of New Moon musical and an Anne animation.


Bedeque Blueberry Social - Carolyn Collins


Bideford Parsonage Opens - Carolyn Collins


Anne’s Tea Party - Carolyn Collins


Literary Society Meetings. The Society celebrated the 125th anniversary of Montgomery’s birth at the Kerlan Collection in Walter Library at the University of Minnesota.


Summer 1999


LMM Anniversary Memorial Donation - Jim Gaboury. Jim describes the contents of Carol Gaboury’s Montgomery collection and his decision to donate it to the Leaskdale Manse Museum.


Avonlea Village Opens in Cavendish - Carolyn Collins


Stanley Bridge History is Published - Carolyn Collins


L.M. Montgomery Ecumenical Memorial Service - Carolyn Collins


Afternoon Tea at Dalvay by the Sea - Carolyn Collins


Benefit Concert for LMM Land Trust is Held - Carolyn Collins


A Life Less Happy: The Dilemma of Being Maud - Dr. Kevin McCabe. The complete and unabridged version of Kevin’s chapter in The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album.


From Ingleside Impressions - Carolyn Collins


Summer 1998


In Memoriam: Carol Gaboury - Mary Beth Cavert and Carolyn Collins. A tribute to one of our members.


Tribute to Wilda Clark - Mary Beth Cavert. A report from the celebration at the Bala Museum honouring Wilda.


Message in a Bottle: The Literature of Small Islands, Conference at the University of Prince Edward Island


Thinks Modern Flapper Will Be Strict Mother - Reprint of Montgomery essay.


The Woolners - Mary Beth Cavert. Minnesota residents and LMM cousins return to their home at North Rustico in the summer.


Anne Day Camp - Carolyn Collins


Anne is not just for Girls! - Carolyn Collins


Summer 1997


The Manse is Declared a Canadian Historical Site - Mary Beth Cavert


Fire at Green Gables - Carolyn Collins


News from PEI friends - Carolyn Collins


Bala Celebration of Macdonald Family Features Mollie Gillen - Mary Beth Cavert


Norval Dedication of the LMM  Garden - Mary Beth Cavert


Emily of New Moon Being Filmed - Carolyn Collins


Finding LMM’s Blueberry Hill - Carolyn Collins


Gog/Magog Project Underway - Carolyn Collins


New Books – including The Anne of Green Gables Christmas Treasury


Summer 1996 Special Edition


A Pilgrimage to Bala in Muskoka, Ontario - Dr. Kevin McCabe


Summer 1996


L.M. Montgomery International Conference - Virginia Mold


Literary Societies at the 1996 Symposium - Carolyn Collins


A Japanese Wedding At Silver Bush - Carolyn Collins


In Memory of Rea Wilmshurst - Mary Beth Cavert


To The Friends of Anne - Mary Beth Cavert. This is part of Beth’s paper, which was presented at the 1996 LMM conference with original research Fred Wright.


To Remember and Be Remembered - Carolyn Collins. Montgomery’s scrapbooks.


Summer 1995

Society Members Visit “Maud Land” - Jaimie Lavanger


Ontario Travels - Mary Beth Cavert and Carolyn Collins


Kindred Spirit Reading List - Betty Heath


Anne is Not Just for Girls - Lance Erickson Ghulum


LMM is On-Line


Preview of 1996 Symposium


The Bala Museum - Mary Beth Cavert


Summer 1994


L.M. Montgomery and Her Works: An International Symposium - Mary Beth Cavert


Keepsake Books - Mary Beth Cavert


The Macneill Kitchen - Mary Beth Cavert


Literary Society Member Wins National Poetry Award - Mary Beth Cavert. A celebration of author Barbara Esbensen.


Magog the Elder is to the Manor Born - Mary Beth Cavert


The L.M. Montgomery Literary Society: Sippin’ and Shootin’ - Willie Cavert and Joel Felkey


January 1994 Special Edition


L.M. Montgomery in Ontario - Mary Beth Cavert. A special edition of Beth’s trip to Montgomery sites in Ontario.


Summer 1993


L.M. Montgomery Institute Opens - Carolyn Collins


LMM Celebration at Uxbridge, Ontario - Mary Beth Cavert


Summer Reading - Mary Beth Cavert


LMMLS Members Conduct Programs - Carolyn Collins


March 1992   First copy of a single page

Simon Lloyd   April, 2009: The LM Montgomery Literary Society presents Simon Lloyd, University of Prince Edward Island Special Collections Librarian, "Making Maud Feel at Home: Collecting L.M. Montgomery at the University of Prince Edward Island."  View the beautiful SLIDES in the presentation. Images and text are (c) by Simon Lloyd and the University of Prince Edward Island. Please link to this page for bookmarking these documents. See photos on Facebook.

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