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Simon Lloyd: The newly-formed Friends of the LM Montgomery Institute, and their inaugural fundraiser, a Silent Auction running during the Conference, are featured on CBC-TV Charlottetown's Compass newscast. The Friends can be seen in the coveted "You're Watching Compass" intro spot,
with the full story at about the 17min 50 sec mark. 
["Compass PEI June 20, 2012" video file]

 CBC PEI: Anne Fans Sell Collections for P.E.I. Institute

L. M. Montgomery once said

"I had a certain knack for choosing friends which

I ... now see to have been a very vital endowment."

With this quotation in mind, we would like for you to know about a group that has been formed in the L.  M.  Montgomery Institute of the University of Prince Edward Island called:

The Friends of the L. M. Montgomery Institute

This group's main goal is to raise funds to provide on-going support for the Institute's use, above and beyond the support that the University can provide at present to preserve the legacy of L.M. Montgomery.

Since 1992, the LMMI has shown that there is a world-wide community interested in the life and works of L. M. Montgomery through its bi-annual International Conferences, attended by scholars and others who study Montgomery, bringing many levels of interest and insight to the knowledge base of all things Montgomery. Scholars from many parts of the world make use of the Institute's special collections of Montgomery's publications and memorabilia.

The Friends of the L. M. Montgomery Institute will help make it possible for the Institute to continue to grow and thrive. Our goals are to increase the amount of funds the Institute has to work with in order to maintain, catalogue, and enlarge its collection of Montgomery materials; help provide scholarship assistance to young Montgomery scholars; and provide volunteers to help with the Montgomery collection, the conference, and website.


Board members for this committee include Elizabeth Epperly (Founder of the LMMI), Kate Sutherland, Joanne Wood, Donna Campbell, Sandy Wagner, Linda Boutilier, Melanie Whitfield, Loretta Craig Taylor, Emily Woster, Mary Beth Cavert, Christy Woster, and Carolyn Strom Collins.

2014 Auction June 26-29, University of Prince Edward Island




Our fund-raising efforts will consist mainly of donations to the Friends of the LMMI at various levels (named after Montgomery's descriptions):


$35-99: "Kindred Spirits"

$100-249: "Loyal" Friends

$250-499: "Beloved" Friends

$500-999: "Steady" Friends

$1000+: "Lifelong Friends"


Directions for Canadian/International or US donations are located on the Friends page at the L.M. Montgomery Institute site


We value your response to this announcement and hope you will support the Friends of the L. M. Montgomery Institute not only with a pledge of membership but also with your continued interest.


The Friends of the L.M. Montgomery Institute


Read more about the Friends of LMMI in  2012 part 1 issue of The Shining Scroll ]


Contact The Friends of the LMMI or The LMM Institute for more details.


(The Friends of the L.M. Montgomery Institute was launched in June 2012 at the Montgomery conference at the University of Prince Edward. The silent auction raised over $ 2700 and many attendees joined the Friends with generous membership donations. Thank you!!)


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