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From our friend Yuka:
The new film "Looking for Anne" is going to be on starting October 31, 2009 in Tokyo [read more on our Anne in Japan page].
Japanese film wins double awards at Asian film festival
Saturday 05th December 2009 Kyodo News

A Japanese film swept the best film and best director awards at the Asian Festival of First Films in Singapore on Friday, marking the first time for a Japanese film to win any award at one of Asia's most prestigious film festivals. The feature film "Looking for Anne," directed by 30-year-old Japanese film director Takako Miyahira, wowed the juries at the festival.
The 105-minute film had been nominated for both the best director and best film awards. It is Miyahira's first film.  The film revolves around a 17-year-old Japanese girl’s visit to a bucolic Canadian island to look for a Canadian World War II veteran who was her late grandmother's first love and had given her grandmother a book, "Anne of Green Gables."
Read an article about the film from the Prince Edward Island paper, The Guardian.

 L.M. Montgomery Filmography
Anne of Green Gables was first made into a movie in 1919 with Mary Miles Minter, and then again in the 1930s. The actress who played Anne, Dawn O'Day, loved her so much she changed her name to Anne Shirley. For an up to date listing of Montgomery adaptations for film and television, read the filmography by Dr. Benjamin Lefebvre at this site:

"This L.M. Montgomery Filmography contains a detailed record of the numerous film and television adaptations of Montgomery’s novels. Her most popular character, Anne Shirley, has had numerous film and television incarnations, from a
1919 silent film that is believed to be lost to the ["prequel"] Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning."

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