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The first edition of The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery was published in the 1980s, with fifty percent of the material removed to save space, as well as to reflect a quaint, marketable vision of small-town Canada. The editors were instructed to excise anything that was not upbeat or did not "move the story along." The resulting account of Montgomery's youthful life in Prince Edward Island depicts a fun-loving, simple country girl. The unabridged journal, however, reveals something quite different. ...

Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum for Sale
[Author Carolyn Collins is the founder of the L.M. Montgomery Literary Society and has worked at the Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum in Park Corner, PEI for a number of years. During the summer she lives near the Museum, overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Her professional web site is and she has a Facebook page called "Ingleside" -- The L. M. Montgomery Heritage Museum]
From Carolyn:

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum, also known as "Ingleside" [the model for Anne and Gilbert's home on Prince Edward Island], is for sale.  This magnificent property with its ancient lime trees and views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and LMM's Lake of Shining Waters has been in the Montgomery family for many generations but now the family has reluctantly but firmly reached the decision that it is time for it to be passed to new ownership.

Maud Montgomery spent many happy times in this home with her father, Hugh John, who was born on this property, and her grandfather Senator Donald Montgomery, as well as her aunts, uncles, and cousins.  This is the home where she discovered the green-and-white china dogs called "Gog" and "Magog" that she eventually wrote into the "Anne" series.  Other items in the house were written into her books and stories, too: the Rosebud Tea Set (Anne  of Green Gables), the Townsend Clock (the "Anne" books and The Story Girl), the China Fruit Basket (The Story Girl) and more.  This is also the home she left from to go to western Canada in August 1890.  Her much-loved Grandfather Montgomery was to escort her to Prince Albert to live with her father and his new family there.  In Kensington, a few miles from Park Corner, they met the special train transporting the Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald who invited them to ride with him and Mrs. Macdonald to Summerside and join in the festivities there in his honour.

Maud was sixteen years old -- this was her first train ride and her first time to be away from the Island, which was exciting enough, but to meet the great Prime Minister at the same time was a never-to-be forgotten experience. This is also the home she returned to the next year when she came back from Prince Albert.

"Ingleside" was for many years the Montgomery family farm; later Mrs. Heath Montgomery opened it for summer visitors as a bed-and-breakfast.  In 1993, Robert Montgomery (the Senator's great-grandson and Maud's cousin) and his family decided the home would be of interest to L. M. Montgomery fans as well as visitors interested in the Island's heritage homes and the Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum was opened.  Hundreds of visitors from all over the world have come to the Museum since then to see first-hand one of the most significant homes associated with Montgomery and her works.  Even though some modern amenities have been added since LMM's day (electricity, running water, etc.), the house is still much as she would have known it with its original hardwood floors, hand-painted wood-grained woodwork, etc., and she would surely feel right at home if she were to visit today. 

Should the new owner wish to continue running the Museum, the contents --  including the family heirlooms and artifacts associated with L. M. Montgomery -- can be included in the purchase.  Or perhaps new owners will decide to transform it into a bed-and-breakfast (two parlours, dining room, large hallways, six bedrooms, etc.).  Of course, one of the bedrooms was considered Maud's when she stayed there and the furniture she used then is still in that room. 

Even though it will be a sad day for many when the Museum is transferred to new owners, it will always be a grand home with many happy memories as well as literary and historical significance.

For more information as well as a video tour of the house with Robert Montgomery, go to

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Read L.M. Montgomery's last book, THE BLYTHES ARE QUOTED! Learn all about it at
a new edition of Rilla of Ingleside with the complete first edition text (later paperback editions have been edited).

 We have added a page about LMM's short stories by
Rea Wilmshurst.

Looking for Anne: See the wonderful movie trailer from a Japanese movie about a family story related to Anne of Green Gables -- filmed on Prince Edward Island.

Una of the Garden

2010 was the 100th anniversary of the publication of L.M. Montgomery's third novel, Kilmeny of the Orchard.  In celebration, the L.M. Montgomery Institute released a facsimile edition of 
Una of the Garden, the story that evolved into the Kilmeny novel.
Una of the Garden was first published in serial format in The Housekeeper magazine in 1908-1909, but the scarcity of back issues of this magazine made Montgomery's story inaccessible, until now. The facsimile edition booklet, reproduced from the holdings of the Ryrie- Campbell Collection at LMMI, offers a fascinating opportunity to experience Montgomery's work within the context of the original magazine publication, including illustrations and advertisements. The booklet also provides insight about the transformation from the story to the novel. Una of the Garden is edited by Donna J. Campbell and Simon Lloyd, with an introduction by Kate Macdonald Butler. Proceeds from the sale of this publication benefit the work of the L.M. Montgomery Institute. Booklet Cost:  $20  Canadian or US funds
Purchase Options:
~ L.M. Montgomery Institute Store (Contact the LMMI for purchase, PayPal accepted)

Google has finally turned on the Prince Edward Island Street View images on Google Maps that they shot last summer. There seems to be coverage of almost the entire Island, except for West Prince ... more HERE and on our MAPS page with views of Montgomery sites. Learn more about Montgomery Places HERE.


re-release of
Special Commemorative Edition
by Carolyn Collins and Christina Erikkson
and The L.M. Montgomery Album, ed. by Kevin McCabe
 Our own Emily Woster is off to teach the youth of America at Illinois State University Department of English
English Faculty, Graduate Students, and Staff 
and is writing a blog at:
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There are many ways to help protect the natural resources in LM Montgomery's home province and location of her stories: Prince Edward Island. One opportunity is with the Island Nature Trust  and the Trees in Trust Program at "Trees In Trust enables you to quickly and easily dedicate a piece of forest to give as a gift, as a memorial or to reduce your carbon footprint.  You don't own the trees, but they are held in your name forever by a not-for-profit charitable land trust which protects the woodland in perpetuity."

Adam-Michael James and Leo Marchildon are the creators of the musical who have shared their entire creative process at the website:
Read more about the musical on our Nine Lives of Lucy Maud Montgomery Page.

Madeleine L'Engle
1918 - 2007
The books I read most as a child were by Lucy Maud Montgomery, who’s best known for her Anne of Green Gables stories, but I also liked Emily of New Moon. Emily was an only child, as I was. Emily lived on an island, as did I. Although Manhattan Island and Prince Edward Island are not very much alike, they are still islands. Emily’s father was dying of bad lungs, and so was mine. Emily had some dreadful relative, and so did I. She had a hard time in school, and she also understood that there’s more to life than just the things that can be explained by encyclopedias and facts. Facts alone are not adequate. I love Emily.

Our friends, Jack and Linda Hutton, have been honored by their community for their hard work in sharing  the history of Bala, Ontario and the life of L.M. Montgomery. We applaud their devotion and artistry!
LM Montgomery Bala Museum


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