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LM Montgomery (c) U of Guelph Archive Collection

 “Diana’s birthday is in February and mine is in March”

The ice in the harbor grew black and rotten in the March suns; in April there were blue waters and a windy, white-capped gulf again; and again the Four Winds light begemmed the twilights.

Ch. XVIII Spring Days, Anne's House of Dreams

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L.M. Montgomery and World War 1

  • Help preserve the L.M. Montgomery Seashore on Prince Edward Island!
  • We have some Google "street views" of Montgomery places on the Maps page.
  • Check the News page for information on Montgomery's last book, The Blythes Are Quoted, a new edition of Rilla of Ingleside with the complete first edition text (later paperback editions have been edited), the release of Montgomery's Una of the Garden, and an Anne of Green Gables-related film from Japan!
  • Find Simon Lloyd's presentation on "Making Maud Feel at Home: Collecting L.M. Montgomery at the University of Prince Edward Island" on our Shining Scrolls Online  page.
  • You will find quotes for the day from the Anne of Green Gables Treasury of Days and a quick journey through Anne of Green Gables (last sentences from each chapter) on the Read Anne page. See Events link on this site for updates on the Literary Society activities and information about a book club in St. Paul, MN. for adults who love children's literature.
  • Issues of The Shining Scrolls are ready to read! They feature: overviews of the excellent Montgomery conferences ; new book releases; Grace Lin; LMM's time in Halifax; her shortstories; her death;  Montgomery's scrapbooks; Montgomery's first love, Herman Leard; the centennial of Anne of Avonlea; Montgomery's teacher, Hattie Gordon Smith and other book dedications; biographer Mollie Gillen; LM Montgomery and the soldiers of World War I; the mystery of Montgomery's Japanese kimono, and needlework in the Anne books, Captain Jim's Lighthouse, Leaskdale's centenntial, and so much more!
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authors Anne of Green Gables Treasury

The L. M. Montgomery Literary Society is a group of readers with a special interest in the life of Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874 – 1942), her first novel, Anne of Green Gables, as well as her 19 other novels, 500 short stories, poetry, letters and five volumes of journals (for a listing of her work, see the Books and Links pages). The Literary Society was organized in 1991 by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Eriksson after the publication of their first collaboration, The Anne of Green Gables Treasury.


The first meeting was held on Montgomery’s birthdate, November 30, at the Children’s Literature Research Collections at the University of Minnesota. About thirty people shared their interest in Montgomery’s work and examined the collection of Montgomery books in the Kerlan Collection.


Please read our newsletters and look at our Items of Interest page for information about LMM related news -- keep checking our web site, we are adding new content frequently. Please contact us to be added to our email list for alerts about Montgomery information.

The Fringed Gentian
and The Shining Scroll
Carolyn Collins and Christina Eriksson asked Mary Beth Cavert to edit a newsletter for the L.M. Montgomery Literary Society in February 1992 and they chose to name it The Shining Scroll, after a line in the poem The Fringed Gentian that inspired Montgomery to persevere in her dream of becoming a successful writer. The Shining Scroll provides special articles and original research by the Society’s members, summarizes the society’s activities, announces newly published books and events related to Montgomery, and news from PEI. Reference copies (and digital copies) of The Shining Scroll are located in the Montgomery Collections at the University of Prince Edward Island Robertson Library and the Montgomery Archival Collections at Guelph University in Ontario. Archives of The Shining Scroll will be available online in the future at Montgomery research sites. A list of all articles from the newsletters is on The Shining Scroll Index Page.
Carol Gaboury, a member of our literary society until her death in 1998, identified (in the Winter 1989 issue of Kindred Spirits Newsletter of Vermont) this information about the poem, The Fringed Gentian:
It was published in Godey's Lady's Book in March 1884 as part of a continued story called Tam, the Story of a Woman by Ella Rodman Church  and Augusta De Bubna. Montgomery used the words "Alpine Path" from this poem as the title to her autobiography, published in Everywoman's World (1917).
Read more about The Alpine Path on our biography page. See the orginal clipping that she placed in her scrapbook HERE.
Lift up thy dewy, fringed eyes,
O little Alpine Flower!
The tear that trembling on them lies
Has sympathetic power
To move my own; for I, too, dream
With thee of distant heights,
Whose lofty peaks are all agleam
With rosy, dazzling lights.
Where aspirations, hopes, desires,
Combining, fondly dwell --
Where burn the never-dying fires
Of genius' wondrous spell.
Such towering summits would I reach,
Who climb and grope in vain;
O little flower! the secret teach --
The weary way make plain.
Who dreams of wider spheres revealed
Up higher, near the sky,
Within the valley's narrow field
Cannot contented lie;
Who longs for mountain breezes rare,
Is restless down below --
Like me, for stronger, purer air
Thou pinest, too, I know.
Anne of Green Gables LMM Literary Society

Then whisper blossom, in thy sleep,
How I may upward climb
The Alpine path so hard, so steep,
That leads to heights sublime?
How may I reach that far-off goal
Of true and honored fame,
To write upon its shining scroll
A woman's humble name?

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