Welcome! The idea of a flamenco class calendar came about I was sitting in a cafe in Bilbao with my husband and my friend Margie. A friend and teacher who taught in New York many years ago, told me she was apprehensive about teaching again because she didn't know when other teachers from Spain were teaching and she again would find her classes conflicting with theirs. She also knew that friends of hers were interested in teaching workshops here but didn't know how to go about it.

I, an avid flamenco student, can go through months waiting for a visiting teacher from Spain to come and then become frustrated when three or four show up at once.

My mission with this calendar is
  • to let interested teachers know when there is an optimal time to teach in New York
  • to inform flamenco dance students of workshops
  • to be a source of information about dance studios that allow flamenco dance classes, "inexpensive" accomodations in the city and other information about flamenco on the web
I will post classes that I find on the bulletin board at Fazil's Dance Studio. I will also post classes if contacted by e-mail or by phone. Note: my understanding of Spanish is very limited.

The function of this site is to list classes. I WILL NOT schedule space at a dance studio or find accomodation. I WILL post pertinent phone numbers and other information on the reference page.

If contacted directly, I can also post teacher biographies and photos.

So, fellow flamenco students who are in New York or who would consider coming to New York for a workshop, or to those who know of teachers who want to come and impart their knowledge to us starving American flamencophiles, please help me by telling EVERYONE of this resource!

Please feel free to give feedback. I would love to hear your comments.