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THIS site will be ending soon...after 13 years it's
   time to move on....
   is up and running and will be my future
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Cd's: Tandem Rivers/ Badlands/Segue/ Dialing Privileges/

Watch Out!/The Low Blow/
Fancy Dancer/Northern Lights/
Glass Factory/Market Street Jazz/ Rowe•Siwula•Miano/ Spirit Dance
and others can be purchased via paypal


Segue: Ge-Suk Yeo & Blaise Siwula

Electro-accoustic Ambient Music
Frank Fusco electric guitar and effects
Eric Hoffman keyboard/drums/trumpet
Chris Altenhoff elec. bass and effects
Blaise Siwula reeds/oryx horn/elec. mandolin

Ambibat #2 Fresh Blood
Doug Walker analog Synth
Frank Fusco el. guitar
Chris Altenhoff el bass
Blaise Siwula reeds & samples

Dialing Priviliges Improvised/                                                        Composed Music
Blaise Siwula        alto sax
Dom Minasi           acoustic guitar
John Bollinger     drums

available from CIMP records and
Cadence Jazz Records

"Badlands"    Expositions of                        Freedom....Now!
Blaise Siwula   alto sax
Vattel Cherry   bass
Jeff Arnal          drums
available from Cadence Jazz Records

Badlands Rev. Geo

Badlands Rev. AAJ

Badlands Rev AMG


Blaise Siwula and Donald Miller at the KnitActive KF NYC

These CD's are available for $12.00 (inc. shipping & handling) via

Sax Solo Sax
recorded 1-11-2000
solo alto sax
Blaise Siwula

Watch Out! Blaise Siwula solo alto & sop. sax recorded Jan 26th, 2001
Fancy Dancer a graphic score inspired by the Native Fancy Dancers by Blaise Siwula performed 1-19-95 at Context Studios NYC Raphael McAdden flutes Leopanar Whitlarge flugel horn/flutes Richard Keene sop. sax/oboe & flutes Blaise Siwula alto sax/clarinets/flutes/percussion Tonino Miano piano Tim Rowe percussion Hal Onserud bass Jackson Krall percussion Barbara Siwula spoken & written word
Northern Lights Ian Birse elec. guitar Blaise Siwula reeds recorded @ WKCR NYC 6-25-98 available here
The Low Blow performed & recorded 6-94 at Context Studios NYC a graphic score for low end instruments by Blaise Siwula Joe Daley tuba William Parker tuba Masahiko Kono trombone Steve Swell trombone Richard Keene baritone sax Blaise Siwula baritone sax Bill Cole horns/didgeridoo Hidegi Taninaka bass Hal Onserud bass Jackson Krall percussion
Glass Factory Donald Miller elec. guitar Blaise Siwula reeds/elec. mandolin link to The Last Visible Dog above
Market Street Jazz imrov with original tunes recorded live at WFMU NJ Blaise Siwula alto/sop sax & alto clar. flutes Hal Onserud bass vocals & poetry Jackson Krall drums
(a+b)2 plus one Blaise Siwula reeds Robert Marsh piano Sean Meehan drums available here
Siwula Khoury 11
Duet recorded mostly in Detroit.
alto soprano sax /clarinet
and violin

Rowe Siwula Miano recorded live June 12, 1994 La MAMA La Galleria NYC Tim Rowe percussion Blaise Siwula reeds,brass & flutes Tonino Miano prep. piano, piano & elec. keyboard avail. from Cadence Records and Forced Exposure
"Spirit Dance" Blaise Siwula alto & sop sax Ernesto Diaz-Infante prepared guitar Jeff Arnal drums recorded 11-03-00 @ the Zeit Geist Cambridge, MA
Dialing Privileges available from CIMP records/ Cadence Jazz Magazine
Duet......... Blaise Siwula alto sax Dom Minasi acoustic guitar
Live at Entropy

CDr's are $12.00 inc. shipping contact
Blaise Siwula at
via paypal for requests

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