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The following links reflects some of my interests - as you can see Iam interested in many different subjects. *** Warning: some of these pages describe potentially dangerous devices and procedures - do not attempt to duplicate unless you have the knowledge and experience - I will assume no liability for any injury, damage, etc. from duplication of information contained in these pages***.

Interesting HTML Links:

  • MegaSquirt Electronic Fuel Injection Controller- This is a complete do-it-youself Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) controller for internal combustion engines. All information (schematics, software, installation, tuning) available here for download. Literally hundreds of engines worldwide are using the MegaSquirt system on their vehicles. Also, a forum has been set up for MegaSquirt-related topics - answers to all questions can be found here. In addtion, an upgrade MegaSquirt II is under development and will soon be released.
  • Automotive Programs By Bowling and Grippo- Available here are on-line CGI-based Automotive Calculation Programs geared towards automotive science in which I have been developing over the last several years. Free for your use.
  • Microprocessor-based Engine Management Control System- I have developed an embedded Fuel Injection and Ignition system which controls an internal combustion engine's spark and fuel. This system is currently installed on a 1974 Camaro, which is fully operational! There are similar systems being installed all over the worldbased on this hardware platform.
  • Complete X-Ray System at Home! - I have set up a complete X-ray system for imaging of materials. System includes a 120KV, 30ma X-ray head, image intensifier, CCTV camera, and computer digitizer. Warning: information on this is for educational purposes - do not attempt to duplicate.
  • Chevy 350CID Engine In A Jaguar XJ-6 Engine Swap details of transplanting a Chevy 350CID engine into a 1983 Jaguar (Series 3)- and yes, the car is still going after eight years with 80K miles on the setup! Complete details of the swap and tuneup/adjustments.
  • Neon Tube Bending- I have acquired all of the necessary items required to bend and process neon tubing (glass fires, vacuum system, and a high voltage bombarding pole transformer ), and I am in the process of learning how to bend glass.I have the fire table complete (for images click here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here ), and I am currently setting up the bombarder (for image click here and here and vacuum system (for image click here ) .
  • Tesla Coil Builder's Homepage - I have constructed numerous small Tesla coil devices and I am in the process of obtaining materials for a large coil. I have acquired the following: primary coil, secondary coil (20 inches by 48 inches wound with 16-gauge wire), capacitors (6 x .01uf, 100KV), spark gap, and line distribution transformer, I just need time to assemble. Warning- for informational purposes only - do not duplicate

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