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 Hi! My name is Brent Bierstedt. I have been flying rockets since I was a kid. Currently I am certified TRA and NAR Level 3. I am a member of ICBM and ROSCO in South Carolina . I fly mostly in Orangeburg SC. My main rocketry interests are  multi-staging high-power and scale rockets.

Estes Saturn V

I grew up during the space race. The Estes Saturn V has always been a favorite of mine. I also have the Apogee Saturn V.

Me right before the flight.
As you can see I was a little nervous.

After seeing the Atomic City Project Mercury 1/12 scale plastic model kit in my local Hobby Lobby, I decided it begged to have a Redstone booster and fly. The booster is made with 6’ PML tubing. It has a 54mm motor mount along with Aero Pack motor retention. The capsule has a Loc 54mm tube and centering rings ran through the middle of it. I had a local sign shop make the lettering. The roll pattern is made from the same type of vinyl the letters are made from. I cut it into strips and applied them one at a time. The Redstones first flight was on a Pro-38 J330.


The capsule is very detailed.

My level 2 flight was done in Orangeburg, SC on 10/10/2004. For this project I built a 7.5” V-2 kit made by Polecat Aerospace with a 54mm motor mount and Aero Pack motor retention. I used a Pro 38 J330 with an Aero Pack motor adapter. For deployment and recovery I chose a PML altimeter set for apogee deployment and a Sky Angle 60” parachute. I was extremely nervous and double checked everything.  The flight went perfect with altitude of 1350’ and deployment right at apogee.

My scratch built Mercury Redstone
It is made from 6" PML tubing and an Atomic City Project Mercury capsule

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