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what's up???


For those who may not know, there is more than one holiday in December. Actually, there are a few. One of these is the Jewish holiday Hanukkah (spelled many different ways by many different people...).

If you are interested in learning more about the Jewish holidays, Jewish foods or Judaism in general, you might like to see Judaism 101 and the Manischewitz Company's pages. For some great stories on Real Audio, check out Hasidic Stories.

I appreciate the nice folks at Judaism 101 allowing me to use their graphics.

For some of the best cooking hints and some of the most interesting recipes and food ideas, try the SOAR site (amazing!!). This includes holiday foods and ethnic foods as well as everyday recipes!

favorite places

My Favorite Site of the Week is all about weather. There are innumerable sites on the web dedicated to weather. However, for one-stop-shopping, check out The Weather Directory.. For local and everyday weather checks, I really like The Weather Network.

Also worth a look is the K.C. Bar BBQ Connection. I love BBQ; and Kansas City is the home of great BBQ, including Arthur Bryant's BBQ which may just be one of the single best restaurants in America. OK, every town claims great BBQ. However, for my money, K.C. is *the* place.

If you like meats, especially smoked meats, then The Amana Meat Shop & Smokehouse is a place for you. The Amana Colonies are fascinating. If you are anywhere near them, don't miss them. (I recommend the maple brats!!)

Last, but certainly not least, the new Bob Dylan release is out!! The best in years!! The Real Audio samples are only a tease for what the whole release is like.


There are several things I don't miss on tv. Among those things are Perry Mason re-runs and Charlie Chan movies. Amazingly enough, I found a web site which may have the most information I have ever seen on both Charlie and Perry, all in one place. Actually, Dr Berlin's site is a wealth of information and links on all kinds of subjects!! Take a look at it, and you will not be disappointed!!

And, Big Dave's Perry Mason Page will give you a wealth of information about the tv show.

And, I wonder if I could get the State Bar of California to give Continuing Education of the Bar credits for watching old Perrys.

And, talking about tv, another show I try to never miss is Rocko's Modern Life. It is one of the many fine shows that can be seen only on Nickelodeon, a network supposedly for kids, but....


And, I really!!! like ICQ. However, I am really tired of the silly and inane messages I keep getting about ICQ changing their policies about fees. If people just would read ICQ's page rather than forwarding on these stupid messages, they would see the simple disclaimer about ICQ remaining free.

And, what is even sillier are the messages about "Brownie Points." If you have been sending these messages, go to the ICQ page, read the disclaimer, and then follow the "Where you can really get brownie points" link. That should make you feel even sillier.


Baseball will always be my sports passion.

For the best sports news on the net, and information on all my favorite teams, check out Bay Insider.

Read a good book lately??? If you have, I'd like to know about it.

Literacy and reading are vital to the continued growth of an informed and articulate world. This is one reason I love libraries.

Most recently, I have read City Of Nets by Otto Friedrich. This is a superb history of Hollywood in the 40's. It has been recently reissued by The University of California Press. I can also recommend The Procane Chronicle by Oliver Bleek (really Ross Thomas). When in doubt, Sherlock Holmes stories should always be just an arm's length away.


Fashion is an ever present part of our lives. In recent years there has been a proliferation of fashion magazines, both men's and women's, both read by men and women alike. It is becoming more and more common for men to have a greater knowledge of fashion, both from magazines and web sites.

Some of the most creative, innovative and dynamic photographic art seen today is fashion photography, either editorial or runway. As well, there are more and more web sites to choose from which highlight this art form. Perhaps the best of these is The House of Zob the creation of a very talented individual, Tina Zob.
Tina has managed to make her scanner an instrument of art. Her scans are crisp, and each has its own personality. Be sure to find the Versace Gallery. It is unique and worth an extended look.



on 10/23/99