Thank You for helping your Scout earn his wolf Rank.

We have a new Scout that joined Den one:  Sean Everett. His dad, Pat Everett, has
volunteered to help out at the Pack meetings.

On March 21, 2000, I will be in Germany. I will need a parent to lead the Den activities. Plus at least two parent to be helpers.  If you are available and willing to lead please contact me.
If you see one or more electives below you would like to lead on 3-21-00 let me know and I will help you plan them. Or feel free to plan your our den meeting.  If no parent is willing to lead Den one in my absence, the Den will be off for 3-21-00.

Next year:  I will be the Bear Den Leader for our Den, next year (00-01). My son, Tom, will be a Tiger next year. I will be asking the parents to lead one Den meeting a month (the first or second tuesday), so that I may be with my Tiger Scout at his meetings.

Wolf electives:
For the next 3 months we will be working on Wolf electives. The Wolf electives are listed in the Blue Pages of your book.

I encourage you to review the electives and see which ones (if any) you want to do at home.
Also look to see if any School projects or sports your scout has or will do are listed in the book.

Some electives call for Den involvement.  Please feel free to contact me to arrange these.
I encourage ours scout to share, lead and plan den activities. Electives are a great way to do this.

Some electives I will making available for the scouts in our Den meetings, like:

Marbles 4b and 4e  (a scout that plays 12 games will earn a belt loop in Marbles)
Book Care 6c
Machine Power 8a-c
Freehand sketch and story board 12a & 12b
Meeting strange dogs  14b
Grow an indoor plant  15c
Knots  17
Poisonous planet 18g
Computers 21
Say it right 22a and 22b
Make a bird feeder ( I have the kits for this)
and maybe some more.

For each 10 electives a arrow point is award at the next Pack meeting.

Belt Loops:  If your Scout completes a Belt loop activity, cut out the form from the Belt loop list I gave out. Sign and return it to me. Belt loops will then be awarded at the next pack meeting.

If you have gained an Email address for Scout updates, please Email me at: