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Badge on Blue Uniform 
                                                                                             Badge worn with KHAKI-TAN shirt 

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Welcome to Webelos Scouting!!

Webelos Info Letters (most info current, but from 2001)

Webelos Scouts work on Webelos Activity Pins, many of these will be done in the Den meetings. Scouts attending a summer camp will have complete or partial Activity Pins done. Your Scout may work on some Activity Pins at home also.

The Webelos Scout's 20 Activity Pins. Would you like to lead one, talk to your Den Leader?

For Requirement see this link

AQUANAUT       Usually completed in the summer and/or camps
           FITNESS (*)         Must be done at mostly at home, required for Webelos Rank

           SCHOLAR                   Please think about doing at Home
           SHOWMAN  do one:    Puppetry    Music   Drama  (Puppetry may be Done at den meeting or home or School)
           TRAVELER          Usually completed at Home

           CITIZEN (*)             Completed in Den meetings,   required for Webelos Rank
           COMMUNICATOR   Usually Completed in Den meetings
FAMILY MEMBER    Please think about doing at Home
READYMAN       Done in Den meetings,   required for AOL Rank

           CRAFTSMAN     Some times done in Den meetings as Second year Webelos
           ENGINEER      Usually in Den Meetings
           HANDYMAN     Usually in Den Meetings
SCIENTIST     Usually in Den Meetings

          FORESTER          Can be done  in camps or the Den
          GEOLOGIST        Can be done in camps or the Den
          NATURALIST       Can be done in camps or the Den
OUTDOORSMAN   Required for AOL Rank Typically in Webelos overnighters and/or Trask - CCV.
           Leave No Trace Camping web site - part of OUTDOORSM

There is a special Patch for Scouts that complete all 20 Activity Pins. This will be awarded at the next Pack meeting after completion.

The Webelos Program is an 18 to 20 month program for Fourth and Fifth Grade Boys.  The Webelos Scout program is more challenging to the older boy - in fact, he's now called a Webelos Scout and may wears a different uniform signifying his new status.  His leader is assisted by other den parents.   Also, the Webelos Scout's advancement is approved by his Webelos Den Leader rather than his parent, home achievements are checked by the leader after completion.  After completing an Activity Pins at home the Scout should present his book to his Den leader a state that he as completed an Activity Pins, the Den Leader would them check is book and record the completion..

In both years, they work toward earning Webelos Activity Pins in twenty different areas, arranged in five groups.  The five groups are: Community, Mental Skills, Outdoor, Physical Skills and Technology.  Fourth Grade Boys work toward the Webelos Badge.  After earning the Webelos Badge, boys work toward Compass Point Emblem and Metal COMPASS POINTS   by earning additional Activity Pins.

Fifth Graders, after earning the Webelos Badge, can earn Cub Scouting's highest award - the Arrow of Light.
The Arrow of Light (AOL) is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on a Boy Scout uniform. This is usually award at Blue and Gold in Feb. (the other other cub award on a Boy Scout uniform is the Religious reward.

 After receiving the AOL award, he is eligible to become a Boy Scout, or he may join a troop at age 11
(or when he completes the fifth grade).
In Pack 373 our Second Year Webelos Scouts move up to Boy Scouts after Blue and Gold in Feb.

 Arrow of Light info from US Scouting


COMPASS POINTS                                                                 Webelos Activity Pin Colors

The Webelos Colors consist of woven green, red, and gold streamers on a blue metal bar with the border and word "Webelos" in gold. It is worn on the right sleeve immediately below the  U.S. flag or Den number. Activity badges are worn on the streamers (in any order). Webelos Colors are an optional uniform item, but should be worn to Pack meeting.  There are no requirements for receiving the Webelos Colors and the are given with the first Activity badge earned.

A Webelos Scout can earn the Compass Point Emblem after he has earned the Webelos Badge. The Webelos Badge requires three Activity Pins. After earning four MORE Activity Pins, for a total of seven, the Webelos Scout can wear the Compass Points Emblem. It is attached to the button on the right pocket flap of the Webelos uniform blue or khaki shirt.

Second Year Webelos can vote on a Patrol name. Ask for a list of names that are available, not all names are available, do not vote till you have the available list.   See Link1Link2 Patch

Webelos Rank Uniform:

Blue Uniform                                       Blue Uniform                                  Tan Uniform


You may also choose to do the Cub Scout  WORLD CONSERVATION AWARD program.

A great way to start the Webelos Rank is to attend Scout Expo.  Scout Expo is held on the first Saturday of June.

As a Webelos Scout another BSA Elective program is the Religious rewards program.


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First Troop 373 Meeting is the First Tuesday of March after Blue and Gold. 


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