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Frequently Asked Questions about Pack 373 and Scouting

Memebership fee for New Tigers 2016-2017 is TBA in Nov.
Includes: BSA Membership, Boy's Life mail to you home. awards, Tiger Book and more.

We have three type of Tiger meetings:
1 )Tiger Den meeting on Tuesday (once or twice a month check the Activity Schedule.
2) Family Pack meeting the last Tuesday of the Month, check the Activity Schedule.
Optional Family Outings on Sat. outing on Sat. or Sunday. Check the Activity Schedule.

 Check the Pack 373's full Activity Schedule for changes

Please come to Tiger Den meeting and Family Pack meeting.
Outing are optional, but fun family events.

Each Year Camp Trask in Monrovia hold a Tiger Day camp:
 Tiger Cub Safari Flyer  Camp Trask  Monrovia,  Sat.  9:00am to 4:00pm  Map to Trask
            Date and Cost  For  our Tigers (boy 1st grade) and Partners.
Photos of the 2000  Tiger Cub Safari  Day Camp at Trask

This is a great outing with craft, song, short Nature hike and
lots of other things 1st grade boys love to do.


     Tiger Cubs is a family oriented program for the first grade or 7 year-old boys and an adult partner, who participates with him. The program stresses fun,
activity, and positive relationship building between
   the boy and the adult as well as his Tiger Cub Den.
The boy and the adult are introduced to Scouting and
strongly encouraged to graduate to a Wolf Scouts.
Each Tiger Cub den is part of Cub Scout Pack 373.

Den meetings could be a field trip, like our tour of the Fire Station or old house in SM.
or learning activities and Games in a Den meeting.
The Tiger Cub and his family are also encouraged to attend
the monthly Cub Scout pack meeting, see the Activity Schedule.

      The Tiger Cub uniform consists of Cub Shirt. A optional Tiger Cub cap is also available.
A Tiger Paw worn on a belt, is given by the Pack and has four strands for beads.
A boy earns beads by working on the five Tiger Cub achievements.


                    The Tiger Cub badge is presented in a pack ceremony and the boy wears the Tiger Cub
                    badge in the recessed area of the Tiger Cub belt Paw.

Cub Scout Tiger Cub Rank

                    After earning the Tiger Cub badge, a boy is encouraged to work on the elective activities in his book.    

Boys may work on electives at the same time as achievements, but a boy can't receive Tiger electives until he has earned the Tiger Cub badge.

Cub Scout Tiger Cub Electives


Tiger Cub

The Cub Scout salute means you respect our
 country's flag or the leader you are saluting. Salute with your right hand.
 If you are wearing your Cub Scout cap, place your two fingers on the brim.
  If you do not have on a cap, place your two fingers over your eyebrow.

Make this sign with your right hand. Hold
 your arm up straight. do not bend your elbow. The two fingers stand for
 the two points of the promise: to help other people and to obey.
When you say the Cub Scout Promise or the Law of the Pack, give the Cub Scout sign.


The Boy Scouts of America wants you and your boy to:

   1.Have fun together.
   2.Know one another.
   3.Grow together.
   4.Get along together.
   5.Discover together.

For Tigers, there are NO performance requirements for a boy. Simply
            participating and doing one's best in an activity constitutes completion.

Then at the end of May the scouts start working on the Wolf Rank Book trail.


Old Tiger Program - pre 2001 

Click her for 1998-1999 Tiger Photos, Den 1 

Old program 2001 to 2014Tiger Rank



Pack 373  Cub Scout Tiger   -    Bobcat  -   Wolf  -  Bear  -  Webelos  -  Boy Scouts

Pack 373  Picture Gallery  Pack Activity Schedule


Here are the Tiger events for Den 6 for 2015-2016, 


Sept. 8, 2015  Membership information night. New Tiger, 1st Grade, join in. Info 

Sept. 30   Family Pack Meeting at 7pm SMCC Old North Church

Oct.  13  Tiger  Den Meeting

Oct. TBA  Pack Outing Family Nature Hike,  Read Flyer

Oct. 14, 2014 Tiger Den Meeting at 7pm SMCC Old North Church Fire Station Tour

Oct. 28  Family Pack Meeting   7pm

Nov 16 Outing Miniature Golf Arroyo Seco Golf flyer

Nov. 10  and Nov 17   Tiger  Den Meeting 

Optional Dec. 1, 2015   Pack 373 Christmas Party  Tiger at SMCC.  (bring one new can of food for the SMCC pantry)

Jan. 12, 2016  Tiger  Den Meeting

Jan ?  2015 Gold Line Trip Pack Family Outing.  Pack Flyer

Feb.  9  Tigers Den  Meeting

Feb. TBA  Sun. Pack Family Outing, Boat Race 2:30 PM Flyer

Feb. 23  Pack Meeting  Family Event. Blue and Gold Dinner 6:25 to 8:30pm Flyer

March tba Tiger Cub Safari Camp Trask  Monrovia,  Flyer

March 8  Tigers Den  Meeting
April 12  Tiger Den meeting
April 19  Tiger Den test Car day
April 26  Pinewood Derby Read Flyer 

May 10,  Tiger Den Meeting

May 24   Year End Campfire 7pm Flyer

TBA Scout Expo flyer Flyer