Troop 373  Outing

Rocket Launch at Launch at Lucerne Dry Lake

Rocket Launch for Space Exploration Merit Badge or for fun

March 11, 2017   Sat.  (note new date)

RSVP by March  4.
to Dave Sargent


What:  Rocket Launch at Lucerne Dry Lake

When: Carpool meeting at Old North Church at 6am. Back at 3pm (Launch time 8am to noon, lunch on lake bed, then home.

Where:  Saturday Morning Rocket Launch at Lucerne Dry Lake is on March 11, 2017

Cost:  Free Launching.   (Rockets and Motors extra,  1 Rocket and 2 motors or $15 at class)(extra motor $2 each at launch day.)

For MB come to the class on Jan 8, 2017     Classs Flyer
or see info on this page for completing on own.

Bring:  Water, chairs and .. Sack lunch

FYI Links:  (Lucerne Rocket link)    -  

 (mail order rocket link  - shop

 (if you miss the camp out - Local Launch link

Maps and Driving directions

Lucerne dry lake map

Driving directions to Lucerne Lake       it is   96.8 mi, 1 hour 50 mins.


  Campground Calico Calico Maps    -  Temp Hi Low  

Calico map

Driving directions to Calico, CA  from lake bed     it is  42.1 mi, 51 mins.

Calico to SMCC       it is  113 mi, 1 hour 58 mins.