Pack 373 optional Pack outing

Rocket Launch

March 11, 2017   Sat.  (note new date)

RSVP by March  4.
to Dave Sargent

What:  Rocket Launch at Lucerne Dry Lake

When: Lucerne Dry Lake

Where:  Saturday Morning Rocket Launch at Lucerne Dry Lake is on March 11, 2017

Cost:  $  Launching.   (Rockets and Motors extra,  1 Rocket and 2 motors or $15 at class)(extra motor $2 each at launch day.)

Come to the class on  TBA    Classs Flyer
To earn to launch a rocket  two to classes offered 

Bring:  Water, chairs and .. Sack lunch

FYI Links:  (Lucerne Rocket link)    -  

 (mail order rocket link  - shop

 (if you miss the camp out - Local Launch link

Maps and Driving directions

Lucerne dry lake map

Driving directions to Lucerne Lake       it is   96.8 mi, 1 hour 50 mins.


  Campground Calico Calico Maps    -  Temp Hi Low  

Calico map

Driving directions to Calico, CA  from lake bed     it is  42.1 mi, 51 mins.

Calico to SMCC       it is  113 mi, 1 hour 58 mins.