Selling Popcorn in Pack 373 is optional, there are some benefits to selling popcorn:
1) Teaching salesmanship skills to our scouts (like: politeness, courage, the ability to politely accept no for an answer and the joy of making a sale) .
2) Helps keep Pack 373 membership dues low.
4) Promotes Scouting in the community (uniform)
5) Can support US military service men and women.
6) Scouts enjoy earning Popcorn sale prizes.
7) Basic accounting skills, sold, paid, how much to next prize level...

Completing your form:
Unit #: Pack 373
Delivery Date: on ofr after Sat.  Nov. 10, 2018  2 to 4pm    Please pick up your Popcorn at 160 West Sierra Madre Blvd. SMCC.
Checks are to Pack 373     (Checks to other scouting names will be accepted.)

Oct. 24 - Order Sheets are Due at the Pack Meeting

On Oct 24. Families turn in Popcorn orders and prize sheets at  Pack meeting.     Selling Ends  Pack Families must turn in any remaining sheets,   Order deadline. Arrange to drop off at leader house if you miss the meeting or scan and email. Please turn in any money you have collected, please put cash and checks in an envelope with your scout's full name on it and the amount you have counted.  If you have the personal funds to pay for your complete order, please do so, if not turn in what you can, the balance is due Tuesday November 18.

       Pack 373 is joining the BSA District Popcorn Sales Fundraising program.
       Our pack earns 33% of every dollar spent!

Popcorn Selling Order Form you can

Printable Order form - a pdf file tba

Awards are given to Scouts for different levels of popcorn sold.

Pack 373 Popcorn Prize list tba
Be Sure to put your Prize selection on your order Form before turning in.

______________ Extra Info:

Selling tips


Crafts and Projects

Proudly supporting our military service men and women since 2007.
Consumers can support our troops and support Scouting when they participate in the Military Program ($30 or 50 order).  Every military purchase will send delicious popcorn treats to our troops. BSA Popcorn will be shipped to U.S. military personnel serving our country at various military facilities throughout the U.S. and around the world, including products shipped to “Operation USO Care Package”  ( and


It s that time of year again to start selling popcorn. This is a great way for each Pack to raise money for
themselves. Some of the other reasons to sell popcorn, are, an increase of community awareness of Scouting, Scouts
learn selling skills, it is a confidence builder, and an opportunity for scouts to earn many prizes.

Wear your uniform when selling.  Need ideas

Order Must be turned in by Oct. 16, 2018 to the Pack  meeting.


Levels: one item = Patch

    Selling Begins
   Tues.       Families turn order and prize sheets at  Oct. 16, 2018   Pack meeting.
                   Selling Ends  Pack Families must turn in any remaining sheets,
                   Order deadline. Arrange to drop  off at leader house.
      November 10  Sat.  , 2018      Plwase can pick up your Popcorn at SMCC ! 
      November   Tues.  13 , 2018  Product Distribution at Den Meeting if you miss the Nov. 10

Any money you can turn in on the above two dates is appreciated. 

Please turn in all money by Dec 10

December  15  2018, – “GLAAC       $1,000 Club” Celebration
December 15 - $1,000 Club Celebration Event. At Cushman Watt Scout Center. (Scouts, Venturers, Explorers qualify to be a $1000 Club Very Important Popcorn (VIP) Seller when they sell $1000 or more 2017 popcorn as an individual). *Online Registration made available by invitation in Fall 2017*




Show and Sell

"Show and Sell" - sales are made in front of large stores or grocery stores for immediate delivery.

Saturday morning is often the best time.
Saturday afternoon is next best.
Sunday afternoon is good.

Wear your uniform

Show and Sell opportunities are everywhere! Walmart is just one of a list of major retailers and grocery stores that often allow Scout units to sell in front of their stores for immediate delivery.   How many Show and Sell opportunities do you have? Limit shifts for Cub Scouts to 2 hours or so. Remember safety first. Packs require an adult with each Cub Scout.

"Show and Sell"  deadine order is 

"Show and Sell"  PU is 

"Show and Sell"  not sold is returned on 


This year Pack 373 is joining Boy Scouts Popcorn sale fund-raiser.  Money earned in the fund-raiser will be used to provide additional Pack activities for our Scouts above the items noted in the Membership flyer you received. The amount of money earned by the Pack will decide what additional Pack activities and programs are added to Pack 373, also the cost of other activities.  A large part of the fundraising money goes to the Pack. This will be our only fund-raiser this year.

The second benefit of the fund-raiser is to teach salesmanship skills to our scouts (like: politeness, courage, the ability to politely accept no for an answer and the joy of making a sale) .

The popcorn makes a great Christmas Gift.

If you have read all the way to this line, thank you for your time, I know Sept. is a busy month for us with kids.

If your Scout is a Bear, this sale is a Bear Arrow point elective  SALES (Page 266?).


2018 Popcorn Sale Important Dates

Daylight Transport Company, Los Angeles  pu 2018? TBA
Thank you, Dave

TBA  as offered to Pack 373 to have BSA popcorn table at it's store.

I am looking for scouts and patents to help sell popcorn.  Last year we sold all the popcorn in 4 hours!
Prizes are given for helping for one hour (not based on sales)

Let me know if you and your scout can help for one hour, family event - welcomed.

8 am
9 am
10 am
11 am


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