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    Parent News  11-14-99:
Pack 373 Den 1 - Wolf


Scout Expo was a great success. Thank you helpers and those that bought tickets.  We had hundreds of boy (Tiger to Boy scouts) come thru our booth and try their marksmanship at Bean Bag Archery.  We won a Red Ribbon "Participation with Honors".

Please Check your Scout's Wolf Book. If any requirements in Section 1, 2, 3 4, 5  are not signed (other than 2b) please work with your scout at home to complete these requirements and/or tell me so we can work on them in the den meetings.

  As you may have noted I am having our Scouts do as many Wolf requirements in the Den meetings as possible. Some cannot be done the in Den meetings. I am counting on you to help your scout complete the home  requirements.
As I look ahead requirements  8, 9a, 9b, 11 and 12  (maybe a few more) will need to be done at Home also. Before you says "that's a lot of stuff" remember we have till Feb. 15, 2000 to complete all these requirements.
I will send home helper guides like the one below as the weeks go by, so We don't  put off these requirements till February, by then it will be a "lot of stuff to do" We have 13 weeks to work on these requirements.   Four of those weeks in December we will not be meeting together. By planing and working on these requirements with your scout over the next next 14 weeks, your scout will grow and have fun.

In the den meetings we will continue to work on Wolf requirements. Once done we will continue to have fun working on Wolf Electives.

Requirement 8 to be done at home.

8a __  Food choices, eating Healthy.

8b __  Planing meals ( If you scout has trouble give him

choices to pick from).

8c __  Help fix one meal (lunch or Dinner) start to finish.

8d __  Scout Fixes his Breakfast start to finish.

8e __  With parents help plan, prepare and cook an outdoor

            (BBQ Hot Dogs is my recommendation).
           I am thinking about a optional family picnic
        Our Scouts can do section 8e and also some Scout  electives (ring toss, sports and more) this would be a 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM activity at a local park.
Our Den is off for the month of December.
I was looking at doing this BBQ Picnic either:
Monday, December 27 or
Friday, December 31.
Both are Holidays for many.

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Reply One:

Optional  Local Den 1  BBQ Picnic, Wolf 8e, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

_______ Interested in Picnic on: Monday, December 27
_______  Interested in Picnic on: Friday, December 31.
_______ Not Interested  (it's ok be honest)
_______  Not these dates

Reply Two:

  Two Scout parents have asked about Patch jackets - Vest ($11.50 at scout shop).
I like them, Timmy and I have patch Jackets (Sears, Scout look alike $12-18, Blue- Red), they are warm and look good.
This has been an optional part of Scouting for a long time.

A Jacket or Red Vest is used to display various patches.
Timmy and I have Tiger Cub, Scout Expo 98, and a Cherry Valley Patch.  They are nice reminder of past events: hikes, outings, camps, other special activities. About 6 Patches a year ($6.00-12.00 a year) would be given out.

I need to know how many parents are interested in collecting patches.
If your scout and you helped in Scout Expo, you have one patch coming to you free of cost. Jacket - Vest Patches are not covered by scout dues.  Dues are for Awards, Boy's Life, field trips and BSA membership.

If we do a patch program I need to know how many parents are willing to join in, and pay the cost in time (sewing) and money. The patches are one to two dollars each. Some packs do many fund raisers to cover the cost.  We have chosen not to ask parents to join in every BSA fund raising project.

___    Yes. I want to join the Patch program. (buy a jacket or vest and pay for pack patches.)

___    No.
___   Yes, I would if I was one of the few that are not in the

Based on your replies, I will plan these programs, so I need feedback from all !!!!

Thank You.     Dave

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