I had a great time in Germany. Thank You to all that helped out in my absence!

Next date for Wolf electives turn in is April 18.  April 25 is our Pack Meeting  for our  Second  Arrow Point award presentations at 7:00pm in Pritchard Hall.

Wolf electives will be counted again on April  18.   (Last count will be May 23)
Belt loop slips may be turned into me at anytime.  (cut slip(s) out of booklet, then tape the bottom slips back to booklet) Remember your Cub Scouts can earn Belt loops (and pins) for the next three years.
I gave out pin requirements for only two sports, if your scout has a strong interest in any Belt loop activities, you may ask for the pin requirement for that belt loop.

May 30  is a Pack Meeting - Dinner, Year End Rank Promotion and finial Arrow Point award presentations.  This is also our Pine Wood Derby.  Pine Wood Derby Kits are available, a new car must be made each year for pack racing and judging.
Cars completed before May 23 can count as a Wolf elective (see page 135).

At the Year End Rank Promotion, our Wolf Den will become Bears.
Scout Expo - June 3  Sat. will be a great place to start work on the Bear book.
If your scout goes to Castaway Cove Camp Cherry Valley Santa Catalina Island, this will also have many Bear requirement and electives.  In Sept. we will work on the Bear book in our Den meeting and at Home.