Troop 373  Camping Packing List

Wear your Class A Uniform for travel to and from camp.

Check your Boy Scout Handbook for more detailed information.

Troop 373 provides for Scouts: tents, ground tarps (goes under tent), stoves, fuel, cooking utensils, lanterns, firewood, and bear containers (when needed). Large ice chest are provided by request.

* If backpacking the list will change to reduce weight and take backpack needed items. Troop 373 provides for Scouts: backpacking: Tents, ground tarps, small stoves, fuel, bear containers and water filters. Scouts will need to carry some of these teams in their backpack. Scout need to provide when backpack some needed items: plastic cat hole trowel, tissues or TP in plastic bag,  headlamp, ziplock bags, pack cover or large trash bag, stuff sack or compression sack, backup water treatment (like chlorine dioxide drops), biodegradable soap, quick-dry towel and optional GPS. Rain Pants if needed. Gaiters if in place with brush.  Backpacking one should try to minimize their weight of the backpack, bring just what you need and bring the lightest choice. Backpack must fit you, test before trip. Shoes must be broken in to. Thick socks will help your feet. The length of the trip and weather will also change what you bring. The general rule of thumb is to carry no more than a 1/3 of your body weight, but 1/5 would be better, remember troop will give you items to carry.

Required Forms

bullet BSA Medical Form  BSA, A and B if you have not turned in one in the past 10 months (must have new form in Scout pocket for Camporee)
Parents complete 
Parts A and B;     (   Part C complete for week long Summer camps. A doctor must complete Part C of the form)
bullet  Permission Form given at the troop meeting (still can come if you do not have one)   Scout and Parents need to RSVP for camp ! Parent let the troop know if yu can drive or need a ride !
$20 for all weekend camp, checks are to Troop 373 or Cash, turn in when you arrive.  

Clothing & Personal Gear should be tagged with the Scout's Name.

bullet Class A Uniform  for travel to and from Camp - Scout Neckerchief & Slide
bullet Troop Activity Shirt - also called Troop Class B  T-shirts (a Troop 373 Shirt, any BSA Shirt or a Solid color Shirt [but not black])
bullet Sweat Shirt (or Sweater) , it get cool as soon as the sun sets.
bullet Jacket or Windbreaker  (Warm Jacket if winter or cold weather camping)
bullet Warm hat and gloves, if  winter or cold weather camping)
bullet Pairs of Socks - Change Daily good idea
bullet Pairs of Underwear - Change Daily good idea
bullet Pair of Blue Jeans (part of Uniform )   (optional: BSA Long Pants for Summer or OA camp)
bullet Pairs of Short
bullet BSA Belt
bullet Towel
bullet   -    Swimming Trunks & Beach Towel if water front or group showers is in camp plans (optional)
bullet Sneakers or Gym Shoes (1 Pair to Wear and 1 Pair for Spare)
bullet Hiking Boots
bullet Flip Flops or Shower Shoes
bullet Poncho or Rainsuit - (optional) - check weather before trip
bullet Pajamas / Sleepwear
bullet Hat

Personal Toiletries

bullet Soap (in Plastic Case / Bag) - unscented
bullet Shampoo (Small Bottle) - unscented
bullet Washcloth & Towels
bullet Dental Floss - unscented
bullet Toothbrush & Toothpaste  (in Plastic  Bag) - unscented
bullet Comb / Brush  
bullet Chapstick  (optional)
bullet Metal Mirror (non-glass)     (optional but good as a Scout essentials also) 
bullet Insect Repellent (non-aerosol only)
bullet Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
bullet Kleenex / Tissues (in Plastic  Bag)
Laundry Bag   (optional)

Required Gear

bullet Sleeping Bag -  Flat for mild weather (mummy bag for winter or cold weather)
bullet Day Pack for essentials  see Scout essentials
bullet Duffel Bag for Car camps or  Backpack for Backpack trips or Camporee
bullet Scout essentials - See  Scout essentials  
bullet Sleeping Pad
bullet Water Bottle (or Canteen) 1 Liter

Optional Gear

bullet (Dinner for Firday night (or other meal) if requested to bring ) (or money for a meal if requested)
bullet Mess Kit (plate, knife, fork & spoon)  if requested
bullet  Pillow  (optional or use towels, sweater or Sweat Shirt)
bullet Short small Rope to make clothes line
bullet [OA Sash (if applicable)  Summer Camp or Caravan or OA camp]


bullet Scout Handbook (a must)
bullet Pen or Pencil (a must)
bullet Note Pad or Paper (a must)
bullet Wristwatch  or pocket watch
bullet Alarm Clock (optional)
bullet Camera  (optional)
bullet Sewing Kit  (optional)
bullet Fire'm Chit Card & Totin' Chip Card  for Camporee and Summer camp -  (optional)
bullet Spending Money (optional)  -    (Summer Camp see Merit Badges that may need money)
bullet Sunglasses
bullet Hiking Staff /  (optional) good for Backpack trips  (optional)
bullet Folding Camp Stool  or Chair,  if room - ask  -  (optional)
bullet Fishing Gear,  if a fish camp out  - ask (optional)
bullet Frisbee   (optional)

DO NOT BRING: Video Games, Portable Radios, ipad,  ipod, electronic toys or Sheath Knives (pocket knives only).

Cell Phones are not toys, use only to call for pick, improper use may result in leaders keeping the phone till the end of camp.

DO NOT PACK SNACKS IN GEAR BAG,  only in Day Pack, as  Raccoons, Chipmunks and Squirrels... Love Midnight Snacks and your bag is just an appetizers. 

Put any food in cars or bear container or bear box at night. In none Bear country a hard container or ice chest will do.

Be sure all items packed are unscented (Like: Soap, Shampoo, Dental Floss and Toothpaste).

If bring patrol food, bring in hard container or ice chest. (Not bags or cardboard boxes). 

Bring all perishable food that needs to be keep cool in ice chest or ice bag. (Freeze any food that can be frozen)