Merit Badge Procedure
Troop 373

To see the list of current Merit Badges, go to Troop 373's List of Merit Badges Page here.

What Badge Should I work on?

A)  Things to Know About Interactive Digital Merit Badge Pamphlets new for 2016

(FYI The Merit Badge Procedure for week long summer camps and Troop 373 MB classes is not the same, check with the camp leader)
GETTING STARTED - Before a Scout begins any work on a merit badge they must first:
1. Pick a Subject
Read the requirements of the merit badges you think might interest you (Refer to the Merit Badge Introduction on the Official BSA Web site). For guidance you can talk to a Scoutmaster (or ASM) (or the Advancement Chairperson) about your interests or your current requirements for advancement
2. Request a Merit Badge Application (Blue Card) 
Discuss your intent to work on a merit badge with a Scoutmaster (or ASM) and get (Troop will provide Blue Cards as at the Scout shop cards are now sold in packs of 100) or  request a merit badge application blue card from your Patrol Leader.

3. Fill out the Application (Blue Card) and obtain the "Signature of Unit Leader"

It is the Scout's responsibility to complete all required (highlighted, see below) fields on the merit badge application - blue card (see illustration on page 2 below) before requesting a Scoutmaster's signature. 

Scoutmaster (or ASM) may want to check that: The Scout is not working on too many Merit Badges at once or check that prerequisites - precondition must be done first or that a Scout is ready for the MB. The First Aid Merit Badge is needed before some other Merit Badges can be worked on. 

Once you have the "Signature of Unit Leader"

4. Find a Merit Badge Counselor

After your leader signs your card:  Contact and get a merit badge counselor from the Troop 373's Merit Badge Counselors Chair (or Advancement Chairman or the Scoutmaster). If no counselors are available within the troop, the Troop may give you a list of District Merit Badge counselors. 

Current Troop Merit Badge Counselor Chair is:
     Dave  S a r  g e n t 

5. Acquire a current Merit Badge book

The troop library may only maintains a current copy of "Eagle required" merit badge books. See the troop librarian to sign out any troop merit badge books. All other merit badge books are the Scout's responsibility to purchase from the Scout Store. 

6. Contact a Merit Badge Counselor

Scouts should contact the counselor before they begin work. It is the counselor's discretion to except any work that may have been done prior to contact and any partial merit badge requirements completed with another counselor. You may want to talk about what options you will be done to complete the MB requirements, if any. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the Scout's responsibility to contact the merit badge counselor, and it is the parent's responsibility to transport the Scout to and from the meeting place AND to be present during the meeting for youth protection purposes unless there is more than one Scout (Buddy System).  You can set up meetings with Troop 373 merit badge counselors before or after a Troop meeting. 

7. Now you can begin working on the Merit Badge requirements.

Set a personal goal for completing the merit badge. Make a plan that will help you make progress on the requirements.  Contact your counselor if you have any questions about the requirements. 

FINISHING UP- Before the Scout can receive credit for a merit badge they must first: 

1. Obtain the Merit Badge Counselor's Signature
When you have completed all requirements to the counselor's satisfaction, verify the counselor has completed his name, address, telephone number, date and sign BOTH SIGNATURES on the Merit Badge Application. (see page 2, below) IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU VERIFY THIS INFORMATION
2. Submit the signed Merit Badge Application
Return the "Application for a Merit Badge" section of the signed merit badge application to the Troop Advancement Chairperson on or before the next Board of Review
The merit badge and a card will be awarded at the next Troop Court of Honor ceremony. 

The Applicant's Record of the Merit Badge Card is an important documents that should be securely filed away at home. You may have to produce this record for an Eagle Board of Review, as 21 Merit Badges are required for the Rank of Eagle.