Troop 373

Oct. 14,  2018

Collecting Merit Badge 

6:00 pm to 8:30pm

No Cost

At SMCC, our normal meeting spot and time.

No needed RSVP for the Class at 6:00pm
Class B

You may do the homework before or after the class.
If after the class,  make an appointment to show your collection.
If you miss the class, make appointment for a complete class.

(The Internet and Library is a great way to learn about your Collection and to complete 3.3 and 5.5.
For this class we would like to see 15 to 25 pieces of your collection.
Each piece should be cataloged (5.6) in writing
with as much information as your can gathered about it. is a great way to find the value of your collection
Ask your parents for permission before using the internet for this merit badge)

Homework: Be prepared to show:

1) Prepare a short written report or outline (a list of info for you to share about) for your counselor, giving a detailed description of your collection, * including a short history. Be sure to include why you chose that particular type of collecting and what you enjoy and have learned from your collection.
* Stamp and coin collecting are excluded from eligibility for this merit badge (as they have their own MB).

2) Explain the growth and development of your collection.

3) Demonstrate your knowledge of preserving and displaying your collection.

   1. Explain the precautions that you need to take to preserve your collection, including
         1. Handling
         2. Cleaning
         3. Storage
   2. Explain how best to display your collection, keeping in mind preserving as discussed above.
   3. Explain to your counselor the events available for a hobbyist of this collection, including shows, seminars, conventions, contests, and museum programs or exhibits. The Internet and Library is a great way to learn about this.  Ask your parents for permission before using the internet)

4) Demonstrate your knowledge of collecting and investing. Discuss with your counselor:

   1. How investing and speculation would apply to your collection
   2. What you would look for in purchasing other collections similar to yours
   3. What you would expect in return value in the event you decided to sell all or part of the collection

5) Do the following:

   1. Discuss with your counselor at least 10 terms commonly used in your collection and be prepared to discuss the definition of each. (age, grading, id#s, ...)
   2. Show your counselor any two groups from your collection. Explain how you organized your collection and why you chose that method. (Note: if your collection is too large to transport and your counselor is unable to view your collection directly, photographs should be available to share.)
   3. Explain how your collection is valued by other collectors and display to your counselor any price guides that may be available.
   4. Explain how your collection is graded for value, physical defects, size and age. Show the various classifications or ratings used in your collection.
   5. List the national, state, or local association responsive to your collection.
   6. Show the location of and explain to your counselor the identification number (if applicable), series, brand name (if any), and any special identification marks. (this info should be cataloged also on your outline)

6) Discuss with your counselor the plans you have to continue with the collection in the future.

7) Discuss with your counselor why and how collecting has changed and how this applies to your collection.

If you would like to use a work sheet to help with the homework see:

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