Boy Scout Troop 373

Little Jimmy Backpack trip
Sat. Oct. 21 to Sunday Oct 22

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1.        We will be leaving from the Old North Church parking lot at 8 am
a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21  Please be on time.

2.        Food and tents will be distributed when we meet Saturday morning.

3.        Parents, be sure that you have signed a release form before dropping off your son.

4.        Cost is $20 per person.  Please make checks out to Troop 373.

5.        We will be driving up Angeles Crest Highway 41 miles to the start of the trail going to Little Jimmy.

6.        We will be hiking in about 2 and 1/2 miles to spend the night.

7.        We will return to the church, south parking lot, behind the main building at noon. on Sunday.

Older Scout will have a day hike added.

You need :

 Bring a backpack, sleeping bag, ground cloth and Scout Essentials (10) :   If you don't have a pack let us know, the troop has packs you can borrow. Bring only as much as you anticipate needing, not more.

From Troop 373 : Tents, cooking gear, bear cannisters Sierra Cups for food and water filters.

Bear Cans must used for all food.  No food in pack.

Pack no ordor goods (soap and alike).


Dave's notes:

 The first .5 mile is open country. The trail climbs for the first 1.1 miles to a road, it's not a hard climb. The mile to Little Jimmy Campground is more or less flat gain a elevation here and there. (the trail continues to Mt. Islip 8,200) The trail starts out for a short distance in chaparral. Within about a half mile, the trail transitions into the pine forest. The first mile is a climb. At the mile point, the trail crosses a fire road and becomes an easy walk, as the terrain is mostly level or a very gentle grade. Just past the two mile point, the Little Jimmy Campground is reached. The campground has picnic tables, restrooms, and stone barbeques.

A spring is just a 1/4 mile away.

Restroom and table are at the camp.

Mr. Sar gent has loaner Backpacks.

(Mess kit   (Bowl, 4 to 8 oz plastic mug, can hold hot water. Table Spoon, Spork (or fork and knife) (optional small plate) Stores in mesh carrying bag.)