County Fair
While not a BSA outing, the Fair has a lots of activities that Scout can complete while having fun.
L.A. County Fair 2018
Aug. 31 – Sept. 23, 2018  L.A. County Fair   Fair Web site
The Fair will be closed on Mondays and Tuesday, except Labor Day, Sept. 3)
Fair Info 


Orange County Fair 2018

July 13 - Aug. 12, 2018    Open Wednesday-Sunday  

                         Orange County Fair   OC Fair Web site

Wednesday-Friday: noon – midnight
Saturday-Sunday: 11 a.m. – midnight
Monday-Tuesday: closed


Other So Ca Fairs

Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival   February

San Bernardino County Fair  May

San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds June 

Santa Barbara County Fair  July

Ventura County Fair  August

Kern County Fair Sept.

Tulare  County Fair Sept.

Fresno Fair  October


Troop: Requirements can be done at the fair. RR MB, ...


Fairs are great places to get Cub Achievements and Electives plus have a lot of fun.
Look up in your Cub Book:

Need new Page # due to new BOOKs

Wolf Den see:
10e p91   See a Live Program
13d p169  Bird Types
18b p190  Family Outing
5e p69  or 3a  p118   Wood Crafts, see Home Depot Booth

Bear see:  (Old book page#s)
3d  p33    Train station, Mine and Historic LA display   (LA fair)
5d  p48    Nature center    (Reptile house and more)
10a p79   Family Trip
12d p94   Family Outing
12e p95   Plan Outing
20b p136 Wood Crafts, see Home Depot booth
9a p192   Art project
9b p192   Art - picture gallery
16b p222  Farm Animals use
16c p222  Farm Animals tell den about them
16d p222  Visit the Fair

Webelos see:
P145   Trip - Traveller
P371   Nature center    (Reptile house and more)