Pack 373 and Troop 373 Outing

Sierra Madre 4th of July Independence Day Parade.

What: Be in the Sierra Madre 4th of July Independence Day Parade
            Scouts can take turns carrying the US Flag in front of 373, if they want to.
            You may walk the route or ride a Bike. Your Whole Family is Welcome to attend.
            Scouts that ride a bike can ask a walker to care for their bike while they carry the flag, if they wish. 

For Troop 373 Sierra Madre is looking for 6 Scouts to be banner carriers in the 4th of July parade.  RSVP to Deveau or Dave Sargent 


Meet:  9:30 am July 4th, at David Sargent's House -- 1046 Cynthia Ave. Pasadena.  Yahoo Map
            Cross street Michillinda, two blocks north of Sierra Madre Blvd.
            From Dave's house we will walk about 4 blocks to the start of the parade route

No RSVP needed.

Legal note:
Entry in the Parade is consenting to a wavier not to hold the City of Sierra Madre or its organizers liable for any injury, if you do not agree do not enter.  Organizers also want to inform all participates that viewer of the Parade often spray, shoot and sometime splash water on the participates in the Parade, participates assume this risk. Those in the Parade may not toss anything at the Parade viewers, including water and candy.

Return:  At about 12:15 pm. We will have some cars at the end of the parade route to take
                walkers and riders back to Dave Sargent's House, if you wish.
                If you have a truck to help with bikes please contact Dave Sargent!
                The parade ends at  Sierra Madre Blvd. and Rancho Rd. just before Madre Vista Park.
                Shuttle cars (and truck) will be parked on Rancho Rd. just south of Sierra Madre Blvd. (Rancho Rd and San Gabriel Ct) Yahoo Map

Wear:  Scout Uniform:  Shirt -   Neckerchief (Scout  Hat)
            Long or Short Blue Jeans or Scout Pants or Shorts
            Comfortable Shoes - No open toes
            Sun Screen
            Bike Helmet if riding a bike or scooter.. All Scouts and Adults on Bikes - wheels MUST have a helmet!

Bring:  Water Bottle
               (Optional Bike)
              [Razor type scooters may be brought only if your scout can steer and brake them
              as good as bike riders can control a bike, bike helmets must also be worn]

              (No Skate boards may be brought to any Scout function.)

Adult supervision of cub scouts Wolf and Tigers children requested.
Bears and Webelos may attend without Parent, but:
If you would like your Scout to attend without your parental attendance,
please contact David Sargent in advance, as a form must be with me.
Sign in your Scout when you drop off your scout.

Questions contact:    David Sargent
Home Phone: 6 2 6-3 5 1-0 8 5 2      Phone Machine only 6 2 6-3 5 1-8 7 1 2
In case of urgent contact or emergency:
Cell Phone:   6 2 6-5 3 3 -7 5 2 3
Email: basargent @
Home Page:



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