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In September, we provide information about Scouting to boys in grades 1 to 5.
The best time to join is at the beginning of the school year in September or anytime in March to May.
But talk to us we have membership openings thru the year.

What Does It Cost to Join?

The membership fee for Cub Scouts is varys per year (between $0 to $60 depends on fund raising) , payable at registration time sometime in the Fall. The membership fee is for Awards (uniform and Pine Wood Derby), Boy's Life magazine, Pack Insurance, and BSA membership, Pack Meetings, and covers some of the cost of Blue and Gold Dinner, Year End Ceremony.
Membership is $10 to $40.00 ask. Due to the success if selling BSA popcorn, annual membership is currently free.

In addition there is the cost of: Uniforms, optional patches for patch Jackets or vest and any BSA camps.

What is a Pack?

A pack is a group of Cub Scouts, adult leaders and parents who belong to the same Cub Scout unit (e.g., Pack 373). A pack generally draws its membership primarily from church  (or an elementary school) that is associated with the pack's Chartered Organization. Each pack is made up of Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1 and Webelos 2 dens. Webelos 2 - Arrow of Light Scouts moves up to Troop 373 Boy Scouts the first Tuesday of March.

What is a Chartered Organization?

A Chartered Organization is the sponsoring organization for a Cub Scout pack, usually a church, PTA, homeowners' association or other community group. The primary responsibilities of the Chartered Organization are to select the leadership of the pack and provide a meeting place. Each year, the pack must renew its charter with it's local council. The Chartered Organization must approve the rechartering application in order for the Charter to be renewed. Our Charter Organization is Sierra Madre Congregational Church.

What is a Den?

A den is a small group of boys (ideally 6-12) of the same grade level. Each den meets on a weekly (or bi­weekly, like our Tigers) basis to work on achievements and other activities. The den is led by adult Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders, who are responsible for planning and conducting each den meeting.

When and Where are Pack Meetings Held?

Family Pack meetings are held monthly. Pack meeting are held around a theme and the whole family is invited. Most of Pack 373's Pack meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month. Pack 373 meeting are at Our Charter Organization: Sierra Madre Congregational Church. The  Activity Schedule  provides exact dates, places and times of all pack meetings. The April Pinewood car race is held in Sierra Madre Memorial Park. The Oct. and May Year End meeting is usually held at Bailey Canyon.

What are Pack Meetings Like?

Each pack meeting is planned around a theme, such as "California Gold Rush" or "Do a Good Turn" or Pine Wood Derby. Most pack meetings may include songs, skits, games, Scout advancements, adult recognition, the Cubmaster's message and other activities. All Cub Scouts and at least one parent are expected to attend. Other family members are welcome, (like Grand Parents, Brothers and Sisters...).

Who Runs the Pack?

The pack is run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

Where do I get Scout stuff?

Uniforms and books can be purchased at the Boy Scout council store:

Smiser Scout Center
3450 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107-1934
(626) 351-8815 shop ext. 239    

Check hours and website at

If it is closer you may also visit:
1) Online at

2) Verdugo Hills Council Store, 1325 Grandview Avenue, Glendale, California 91201,  818-243-6282
Scout Shop Hours. Monday - Friday. Monday - Friday. 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.. 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m..
3) LA Scout Store: 2333 Scout Way, Los Angeles, CA 90026-4995, (213) 353-9879
4) Valley Scout Shop: 16525 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406-3753 , (818) 781-1296
5) OC Shops
6) California Inland Empire Scout Shop, 1230 Indiana Court, Redlands; (909) 793-2463

7)  Inland Empire Scout Shop   4650 Arrow Highway, Montclair, CA 91763,(909) 625-4534

I am just starting what do I need?

Scout Book.
    Get the correct book for your Scouts Grade level.   1st - Tiger, 2nd - Wolf,
    3rd - Bear, 4th & 5th - Webelos. (Next years book and Tiger Books are include in your membership fee)

Cub Scout Uniform:

Cub Scout Blue Shirt  (scout may use for a number of years, read buy as large as your scout can bear to wear now)
Pack numbers "373"
Council emblem patch
The World Crest emblem patch
Den (1-9) patch [check to see what Den you are joining]
Cub Scout Neckerchief,   Get Correct  Grade level:   1st - Tiger, 2nd - Wolf,  3rd - Bear, 4th & 5th - Webelos.
Neckerchief slide  Get Correct  Grade level or us the Bobcat one.
                       (Next years Neckerchief is include in your membership fee)

Blue Cub Scout belt 

(We wear blue jeans [long or short] as part of our Uniform or cub scout blue pants or shorts)

Cub Scout Hat (optional)

Tiger Uniform:  Same as above now.

Wolf          Bear            Tiger
(Hat and Blue pants are optional)

Webelos Scout Uniform:

First and Second Year Webelos can wear the Cub Scout Blue or  Boy Scout Tan Uniform.
Pack numbers "373" Red-White on Blue Shirt or Green on Tan Shirt
San Gabriel Valley Council emblem patch
The World Crest emblem patch
Den (1-9) patch [check to see what Den you are joining]
Webelos Scout Neckerchief    (Next years Neckerchief is include in your membership fee)
Webelos Neckerchief slide    (Next years Neckerchief is include in your membership fee)

Blue Cub Scout belt

Webelos Scout Hat (optional)

(We wear blue jeans [long or short] as part of our Uniform or cub scout blue pants or shorts)

     Blue                 Tan      (Webelos, move to Tan is Blue is too small, Tan is used in Troop 373 also)
(Hat are optional) Pack 373 uses Blue Jean.

Lion Den Pack 373 Cub Scout Uniform

Lion Den use a Lion T-shirt.


(Lion Hats are optional) Pack 373 Lion uses Blue Jean.


Where do I put all the patches?

373 Cub Scout Uniform emblems:

The council shoulder patch (CSP) emblem is worn by all Cub Scouts directly below the shoulder seam on the left sleeve.

Cub Scout 373 white numerals embroidered on red background go directly below council patch on the left sleeve.
or Webelos Tan Scout 373 Green go directly below council patch on the left sleeve.

The World Crest emblem should be worn by all scouts. The 1-1/2" badge is white on a violet background. It symbolizes the brotherhood of Scouting around the world. The emblem should be, worn centered horizontally above the left pocket, and placed vertically between the left shoulder seam and the top of the pocket.

Bobcat Badge: (To be given later at a pack meeting). A diamond-shaped badge worn on the left pocket, in the 12 o'clock - top center positions as shown in the Insignia Guide Below.
Other badges will be earned and placed below the Bobcat badge.

Den 1-9  patch just below the US Flag, stays the same each year.

In our pack we display the   San Gabriel Valley (ws Lucky Baldwin)  District emblem on an optional patch vest or jacket not the uniform, please. Do not let he Scout Shop force you into buying one.

Note: On the Right Pocket you may have one temporary BSA Patch, This can be any BSA patch centered on the right pocket (sewn or hanging),

Other patches can be put on an optional patch vest or jacket but not the uniform.  Some also just put then in a memory - scrap book or or a shadow box on a backpack.  It is all up to you.

If the Religious rewards program knot is earned, this is centered just above the left pocket as shown below.

If the Arrow of Light is earned it is put centered below the the left pocket as shown below.





BSA uniform can be worn only to Scouting events, with one exception. On Scout meeting Tuesdays he may wear the uniform all day, as he is going to Scouts that evening.

Webelos Tan - Ready for Boy Scouts
Note:                                                             Webelos may use the blue uniform also
Hats are optional in Pack 373, Pack 373 uses Blue Jeans as our standard uniform.

Pack 373  Cub Scout -  Tiger  -- Bobcat --- Wolf----Bear-Webelos
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