Pack 373
Cub Scout Day Camp

Let me know if you have interest in this day camp.
Please, Talk to Pack Leadership Before signing up for any Camps!

June 20-24  2016

Cost  for Pack 373 Scouts $75.00,  not   $95   per Scout, Parents are free

Info  packet

Pack 373  Cub Scout Lead Camp:

 Cub Day Camp for summer Wolf and Bear Den at Camp Trask.
(See calendar for Dates and Cost if not posted here.)

Cost includes: Hot Dog BBQ for all Scouts and adults on Friday.
Fun, learning, Fort crafts, archery, BB’s, swimming - Life Guards, Hiking, campfires, songs, Flag ceremonies and a lot more with a trained camp staff.

Here is how Cub Camp usually works:
We meet at the SMCC's parking lot at 8:15AM, with a packed lunch.
The Parent of the day drives the Scouts to camp and watches over them as the Camp staff teaches and leads the activities.
At the end of the day the parent of parent the day drives the Scouts to their home. The Scouts will be home between 3:30pm to 4:00pm. I will have maps and driving directions to each scouts house, each day.

Must Register as Pack!  Must go as group!
This event is planed, if enough sign ups to drive the scouts to camp each day.
Min. Leadership is 5 Scout to 1 parent each day. Can have different Parent each day for supervision of scouts.
If only 4 Scouts sign up, we will ask for one parent to go two days.
If your car doesn't hold 5 scout, others can drive a scout up and back to camp.
Parents are free to come each day if they wish.

We meet at the SMCC's parking lot at 8:15AM, with a packed lunch and the BSA Medical Form the 1st Day, Monday!

New: Please complete the new BSA Medical Form before going to camp, complete Parts A and B for the camp and sign.  The Medical form is good for one year. (you do not need part Part C.  A doctor completes Part C of the form, that you do not need).

Camp Trask is in green and beautiful Monrovia Canyon, the road is newly paved all the way to camp.

Photos of Trask

Past camp Photos

Map to Trask

Trask web site with more info