Troop 373 at San Gabriel Valley District Camporee

(was Luky Baldwin District in past)

When:  April 26 – 28  2019   Friday to Sunday     (Check back for TIMES )

Home Sunday at Noon

Meet at SMCC North  Parking lot Friday at 4:00pm.

Where:  Firestone Scout Reservation  in Brea.   CAMPSITE: LOMA LINDA  (there are many campsite !)
Cost is: $20.00 Pay Friday before heading out to camp pay at SMCC parking lot. If not coming to SMCC pay at arrival.

Must RSVP in advance.  RSVPs will receive a Camporee patch.

Parents Welcome, Parents camp at a separate spot than Scouts, Sign up for Troop meals as a cost of $20.00. Bring your own tent.
Some Troop Leaders camp with Scouts

Parents are needed to drive scouts and gear to the camp.

For Scouts it is a 2 Nights of camping with a 1 mile hike in.

Bring your: Sack Meal for Friday evening dinner Sleeping pad, Sleeping Bag, Must have  Scout essentials,  and other personal gear.
Come in Class A (but, no MB sash).

Bring your gear in either: one backpacking pack OR a duffel bag with your Scout essentials in a day pack.
Your duffel bag, and if you wish sleeping bag and pad, can stay in the van - car - Truck and be driven to the camp.
Your Scout essentials must stay with you on the short hike in and Sat. everyone should bring a day pack for them!
You must have a copy of your BSA med. form A and B with you also at all times in your top shirt pocket!
 Also bring your Totin' Chip Card, if you do not have one ask the Troop Guide or JASM or ASM for one.

Troop 373's Camporee is the San Gabriel Valley District (ws Lucky Baldwin) that is gathering of Scout Troops for camping and competitions. With events such like: fire building, knot tying, first aid, hiking preparedness, citizenship, cooking, camping, pioneering and orienteering (map and compass). Your Patrol Leader and Troop Guides will help you thru these test , have fun it is only points!

Camporee has a Sat. campfire program with skits and songs.
The Order Of the Arrow Scouts and Senior Troop Scouts can ask to be on staff at Camporee and   Don't need to march in.

SPL and Patrol Leader are responsible for their patrols!

Each Competing Patrol will be assigned a campsite (27’x27’+/-).
A typical Competing Patrol consists of 4 to 8 boys
   Non-Competing Patrol (Sr and OA Staff) members may be asked to camp with Competing Patrols.
Final Patrol count and changes must be reported by April 22.


Camporee Booklet TBA   


Packing Detail list:

Sack Lunch for Friday evening dinner
Scout Hand book
Camp Gear
                Sleeping Bag
                Sleeping Pad
               Change of Clothes
                Washing Gear
                                Wash Cloth
                                Hand Towel
                                Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Must have  Scout essentials with you in a backpack or day pack on the hike in.

Bring a large trash bag to put your backpack and or duffel bag in at night and when you are not in camp.

Have a poncho with you on the hike in, to cover you and your backpack -or day pack. A cheap thin one is OK. If you do not have one use a large trash bag  and cut spot for head and arms, use one for you pack, cut slit for the straps.

Bring an eating mess kit,  it can be a kit you buy or just old dishes from home.  Bowel, fork, spoon, and cup (optional: small to med size plate, butter knife (no steak knife, too sharp), spork.    If you have plastic fork, spoon, or butter type knife drill a whole in the handle and put a string in the handle so it can be drunk in hot water for washing.


Please remind your scout that washing dishes and rinsing dishes requires HOT water not cold or warm.

Adults may watch and observe the scouts and patrol during competition times, but are not to help or give answers to them, Adults may step in only if there is a safety issue that needs to be addressed, like: Scouts are not to handle stove fuel, adults are needed to watch the scouts cooking for safety concern like: cross contamination, burn prevention, knife safety and install fuel cans if needed. If asked a question, ask the scout if they have asked their Patrol leader first.


At camporee Scouts will show their skills as a Patrol at:
Scout can brush up by reading their Scout  handbooks on:

Hiking safety
Use of the   Scout essentials,
Map and Compass use
Proper Flag use
Fire safety and Building
Cooking  (safety) - Duty Roster use
First Aid
Camping Safety
Patrol Method
Patrol Flag - Cheer and yell

Firestone Boy Scout Camp. Directions to Firestone Boy Scout. 19001 Tonner Canyon Rd. Brea, CA 92921

Take the 57 Fwy South.
Exit on Brea Canyon Rd. (In Brea !! not Walnut)
Make a right turn at the exit.
Proceed to Tonner Canyon Rd (about 1.5 miles).
Make a left turn.

Proceed under the 57 Fwy to the entry gate.

Continue for about 1.7 miles to the entry of the Firestone site to the Lucky Baldwin checking - drop off.
(This is a large camp OTHER groups will be at the camp!)

From the drop off point the Scouts will hike in about .5 to 1 mile.
Car can drive to the campsite drop off gear and then go to the parking lot (area).

The Camp Registration Desk is about (2.2?) miles from the Firestone entrance

Map to Firestone 

Topo Map

Firestone Scout Reservation (elev. 500 ft) 33°56?32?N 117°50?51?W   is a semi-primitive camp located just east of State Route 57 in Tonner Canyon between Diamond Bar and Brea, California.

  Frirestone Scout Reservation  at CAMPSITE: LOMA LINDA

Directions to Freestone Boy Scout. 19001 Tonner Canyon Rd. Brea, CA 92921