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                                    Welcome the Bears Den

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When a Cub Scout has completed the second grade (or is
    9 years old) he begins working on his Bear achievements.
After achieving the Bear badge, a boy may
     concentrate on Bear elective areas until he
     becomes a Webelos Scout. 


You may also choose to earn the

As a Wolf Scout or Bear Scout you may complete the BSA Elective Religious rewards program.
                                   Here is info on the God and Me program.

In the Last week in May Bear Scouts are promoted to the Webelos Den and start working on the Webelos Rank.

A great way to start the Webelos Rank is to attend Scout Expo


Old Program Pre 2015

  Here is the Current news letter: Bear Book info, here to start for Den Leaders and families. 



(Do ONE of the following)
        Ways We Worship
        Emblems of Faith

(Do THREE of the following)
        What Makes America Special?
        Tall Tales
        Sharing Your World With Wildlife
        Take Care of Your Planet
        Law Enforcement is a Big Job
    FAMILY (Do FOUR of the following)
        The Past is Exciting and Important
        What's Cooking?
        Family Fun
        Be ready!
        Family Outdoor Adventure
        Saving Well, Spending Well

(Do FOUR of the following)
        Ride Right - Bikes
        Games, Games, Games!
        Building Muscles
        Information Please
        Jot it Down - Writting
        Shavings and Chips
        Sawdust and Nails
        Build a Model
        Tying it All Up - Knots
        Sports, Sports, Sports
        Be a Leader

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Pack 373  Picture Gallery  Activity Schedule