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Remember your scout can work on Wolf  Electives (Blue pages) at home thru the summer and the scout year. Most Wolf Achievements (Gold pages) will be done in our Den meetings starting in September. Some Wolf Achievement Requirements need to be completed at home, please complete by the first week in February.

Please make time to work on the home requirements and sign your Scout's book when completed.
Scouting can be both fun and educational, with just a little effort each week!
We will have a Den Chart on display at each meeting starting in September to show the Den's progress.

Remember: There are no performance requirements for a Cub Scout boy. Simply participating and doing one's best in the activity constitutes completion.

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If a Cub Scout has completed the first grade (or is 8 years old)
he may begin working on his Wolf  achievements to earn the rank of Wolf 

During their work at home and in the den, they progress toward rank.
Upon completion of the achievements, he is awarded the Wolf badge,
and may continue to work on Wolf electives

You may also choose to earn the

In the Last week in May Wolf Scouts are promoted to the Bear Den and start working on the Bear Rank.

A great way to start the Bear Rank is to attend Scout Expo

As a Wolf Scout or Bear Scout another BSA Elective program is the Religious rewards program.


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