Troop 373 Gold Line / Urban Hike

May 13,  2017  Sat. 8:00 - 4:00pm

Meet at Gold Line Station, Sierra Madre Villa Station 8:00am.

Return at Sierra Madre Villa Station – 4:00pm

We will be getting off at Chinatown then walking through downtown L.A. learning about the various historical sites of L.A.
 Lunch will be at the Central Market downtown.

We will end in Little Tokyo and take the train back home from there.

Water and 10 essentials are required
Money to buy Lunch and tap ride card.
A Class A Hike.


For those who are needing the following:  

2nd Class       Map and Compass and  5 mile hike using a map and compass

  And for others, to learn about the history of Los Angeles and Southern California

On Gold Line - Metro Rail Line, pay your fare before you board at self-service ticket vending machines
in the Parking area just be for crossing the bridge on the 4th level.
Parking is free

Reusable Tap card is $1
(if you do not already have one)
(the refillable tap card is good for 3 years)

    Cost $1.75 each way.
$3.50 Round Trip

Cash or CC taken

(you can put trips or cash value on tap card)

or buy a
a Day Pass for $7.00

Two children under age 5 may travel free with each fare-paying adult

How to buy a ride for regular riders

 Reload your card

About Tap Cards

 Permission form to follow.

Sierra Madre Villa station to Downtown and back.

The Sierra Madre Villa station parking structure entrance is on N. Halstead St. on the east side of the structure.
Enter from Foothill just East of Madre.
We will meet at the entrance bridge on the fourth level of the parking structure at the ticketing machines.
Park on the 4th level or use the elevator to get to the 4th level.
Union Station


FYI External Links

Gold Line Time Table - pdf

Gold line map

System Maps

Gold line Links   line 804

Little Tokyo/Arts District (Los Angeles Metro station)

China Town Links,_Los_Angeles

China Town depart Back 4:51pm-5:19pm next (5:03-5:31)

Olvera Street Links