Troop 373 - Pack 373 and the Southern California  Rocket Association Hosts Model Rocket Launch Day

Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area in Irwindale

Must RSVP to Mr Sargent a week before the Launch date, tow date to pick:.

Jan 21  or   Feb 4 , 2017

Saturday LAUNCH TIMES: from 8:00am to 12:00noon.

Arrive early if you want to launch!

Rocket Launching is Free !

Pack 373 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts may launch for fun.


Troop 373 Boy Scouts may launch rockets that count toward the

Space Exploration Merit Badge


To Complete the Space Exploration Merit Badge 1) Attened the Troop 373 Class on Jan 8

Or compltete the MB work sheet.

Then building, launching, and recovering a model rocket. Make a second launch to accomplish a specific objective.
(Second launch is usually with a different engine type, A then B type)

Space Exploration Merit Badge Councilor is David Sargent 6 2 6 - 5 3 3 - 7 5 2 3

Feel free to contact with questions after reading the website.
Email basargent @ earthlink . net

Visit site for details on the launch.

The Park’s entrance fee is $10.00 per vehicle.

DIRECTIONS: Azusa Canyon Rd (on Arrow Hwy, just west of Irwindale Ave); pay the park vehicle fee and then turn left at the main park roadway and proceed all the way to parking lots 5 or 6. Launch area will be roped off just south of parking lots (towards the dam) in "overflow" area.

Map of Dam launch site:


To Earn The Space Exploration Merit Badge:

1) Come to Class on Jan 8 2017   Or  Download and print the Merit badge Work Worksheet:
      Word Doc at
     PDF at

2) Complete requirements: 1, 2, 4 - 8 of the Worksheet.  To complete # 3 do the following:

3) Build a model rocket and launch it and recover it. Then make a second launch to accomplish a specific objective.
The second launch is usually with a different engine type, A then B type.
Before you make your rocket please read:

4) After completing the above, save your two engines as proof you did to launches, to receive your blue card you may submit your homework by: email or US mail or make an appointment to turn in your homework.


Where to get a model rocket?   Da ve Sar gent $15 includes rock and 2 engines or

 1) Michael's Craft Stores or other hobby shop.
        1155 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106 (626) 431-2850

2)  Model Rocketry Class: Check links for date, 12 NOON to 3 PM. Class starts at noon, Fee: $10 (paid at class). Call (714) 529-1598 or e-mail to register. LOCATION: Iacoboni Library, 4990 Clark Avenue, Lakewood (just north of Del Amo).

3) Mail order:
    Rocket kits
 Mail order Rocket kits

 Before you make your rocket please read:


How to launch your model rocket:

1) Bring you rocket to the launch day.

2) There you will get your flight card, you must fill out the card properly.
                You may print your flight card out in advance from:

3) If you have your engine for your Rocket, it will be checked for correct size, fit and type.
     If you do not have an engine you may buy one. Do not put your engine in your rocket till after it is checked. The igniter must be installed with care into the engine, they are very easy to break. A color coded lug is used to hold the igniter in place, the correct lug (color coded) must be use for the engine. Yellow Plug for "A" and Pink for "B" engines. Be sure the two wires coming out of the igniter are not shorted together. Bend the wires without breaking the igniter.  A flameproof wadding paper must be used and installed for the recovery system (parachute) it must be folded properly and packed. Install the flameproof wadding, use enough so your parachute will not melt. Then installed the folded parachute, then put on the nose cone. (A little baby power on parachute will stop it from sticking durning deploymet. the If your rocket does not have an engine locking latch, then the fit of the engine must be tested. Be sure then engine is snug but not too tight. Masking tape on the engine may be used to get the correct fit.  See the Merit Badge book for more details.

4) You will be given launch procedures and safety information. Safety information like: If you hear "Heads up" Look up and move if a rocket is coming at you.
Before you make your rocket please read:

5) You will then go to the launch check in table with your:   Rocket, engine and flight card. Details

6) You must keep your eyes on your rocket to see where it lands, recover it and go back to #1 above.
     More than one pair of eyes is recommend to track you rockets flight and landing. When the landing field is opened go find your rocket. Be careful the engine may still be hot. Save your old engine to show the Space Exploration Merit Badge Councilor, David Sargent, that your launch was good. Touch only your Rocket please. (If you find a rocket in a  hind place you may move it to an open spot.)

7) Second launch must be different than the first. Second launch is usually with a different engine type, A type engine and then a B type engine.  Look to see how much high it goes. Save your old engines to show the Space Exploration Merit Badge Councilor that your two launches were good. If you have completed the worksheet you will receive a completed Blue Card on the launch day Saturday August 16. 2008.


General Information to keep in mind:

1) At Santa Fe Dam, your rocket cannot be a high powered rocket. A small rocket that uses a A or B engine is best.
A slightly larger rocket that uses a B for the first and a C engine for the second can be used. No engine larger than a C will be used at Santa Fe Dam for Scouts.

A is a small engine, C is more powerful engine.
Use 1/2A6-2, A8-3, A8-5 or A6-4 engines for first flight. The 1/2A6-2 is for mini rockets.
A8 is the power of the engine (high more power). The -3 is the delay in second before the recovery charge pushes out the flameproof wadding, parachute and nose cone. The rocket will coast up for this time.

2) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ROCKET ASSOCIATION: Model rocket launching service will be provided to anyone 14 years of age or older. If you are under 14 years old, you must have a parent or legal guardian present and they will be the one who processes the model through “safety check” (you may accompany them to learn). You bring the models, engines, wadding and igniters. We provide free launch pads. You may use your own launch pad and controller (under our supervision) provided it passes “safety check”. We strongly recommend you carry liability insurance for your model rocketry activities. The NAR or AMA offer insurance for their members and many homeowners policies also cover you for hobby activities.


LAUNCHING: Launching of model rockets anywhere in the State of California requires the permission of the property owner and of the local fire authority. This fire authority permission should be in the form of a written permit according to the latest directive of the California State Fire Marshal. SCRA has copies of California regulations if you need them. SCRA conducts regularly scheduled .

The Santa Fe Dam Model rocket launches are supervised and controlled by the Southern California Rocket Association (SCRA) of the NAR, conducted with the approval of the property owner and a permit from the Fire Authority Having Jurisdiction.


Other Launch dates

In April and May of 2010 only A1/2 engines may be used due to limted space at Santa Fe Dam.

3)   The Southern California Rocket Association has many dates, Save your old engines to show the Space Exploration Merit Badge Councilor, David Sargent, that your two launches were good. Make an appointment to receive a completed Blue Card. Other dates and location see:

3A) Dates are subject to change or cancellation due to weather, other events or FAA emergencies.

It’s big, mostly empty & will accommodate launches up to the full NAR Model Rocket Safety Code **! This is a VERY desolate location, so you will need to bring water & food. The winds can reach high levels by mid-morning, so launching should begin as early as possible. We will plan on being there by 6am. Use of a road map is always advised when driving in the desert and odometers vary, so mileage is approximate. Take I15 north to Bear Valley Road/Cutoff. Go east 13 miles until you reach route 18. Continue east on route 18 another 11.3 miles and then turn left (north) on route 247 (also known as Barstow Road). Continue north on route 247 for 3.9 miles, then turn left (west) onto the dry lake on the well used dirt road. We’ll be out in the middle (approx. 1 mile).
Cost usually $10.00 a day.  Porta-potty provide.
Dates are subject to change or cancellation due to weather, other events or FAA emergencies.

Visit the web site to learn more:




(In April and May of 2010 only A1/2 engines may be used due to limted space at Santa Fe Dam.)

please read: For Dates