Pinewood Derby Potluck
Tuesday, April 30,   2019

At 6:00 p.m. Car testing and check-in starts to get your car weighed

Dinner  start  6:30 p.m.

Race Starts at 7:10pm

   This event is held in Sierra Madre Memorial Park under the covered picnic area.

Last name starting with:
A-D Brings Salad and Drinks
E-K Brings main course
L-S Brings main course
T-Z Brings fruit/dessert and Drinks

The Pack will Provide cups and paper goods.

     Questions, please e-mail  Dave at basargent @

The  PineWood Derby race Pack Meeting starts at 6:30 pm in the park with a Pot Luck Dinner. You can check your car out on the track before the race,  but when you have checked in your car and received a ID # your car cannot leave the check-in table. Racing starts at 7:00pm. Den awards are given at the end of the race, then race awards are given. Weights, drill and a hot glue gun will be at the check in table.

At each Den Meeting and Pack Meeting before the race, we will have PINEWOOD DERBY RACER  kits for sale for $5.00 (2019 price).  For fairness, we ask that all racing scouts use the same kits and new derby cars each year.
On race day we will have Cub racing for cubs with new cars and then open racing for non-cub (brother - sister - friend) cars.

ALL (Scout and non - Scout) Cars Must be Checked in at the Check in table.

Cars can be simple or fancy, please have your scout do some of the work (sawing and cutting should have parent help): [Tigers -- an uncut wood block can be turned in to Fire truck, Van, Moving truck, Fed Ex Truck....]

Cars should have weights added to get the car to the 6 oz limit. Weights cannot extend below the axles. 

 If you wish the Pack can add weights for you on test day or race day.
Any type of weight may be used, but it must be firmly attached to the car (glue, nail or screw down).
Weights may be: car weights,  nuts, bolts, screws, washers, coins, etc. placed any where on or in the car.  

Everyone needs to wash hands after handling the Lead weights. ]
Postal Mail scales work great for checking the weight.

Dry graphite lubricants is the best for the wheel axles. I will have some for use on race day if you do not have your owe.

Completed cars meets some requirements: (please sign your scout book at completion)

Trophies are given for a two of categories (Speed and  uniqueness)
After checking-in your car on race day, changes to the car is not permitted.
Cars will be inspected on Race Day for compliance to the specifications. Car owners will be informed of any violations and given an opportunity and help to modify the car to meet the rules, before the race.

Scout Cars must have been made NEW for this race. (You cannot run last year's car)
Boys who are unable to appear at the Pack 373 Pinewood Derby due to schedule conflicts or illness, may still participate through a proxy. The proxy may be an adult leader, parent or guardian, sibling, or another Cub Scout.

Wheels may be lightly sanded to remove the mold projection on the tread. This light sanding is the only wheel modification allowed. Beveling or tapering of the wheels is prohibited.. Axles may be lubricated, but adding washers to the axles is not permitted.

Sportsman like conduct is encouraged.


Kit includes:
4 ea. Wheels
4 ea. Screws (for axles and Wheels)
2 ea. Dowel Axle Housing glue to car, use wood or white glue
1 Block of Sugar Pine - with cut out for Dowel Axle. Top and sides can be cut and shaped.

To Shape Car
1. Saw any straight cuts
2. Shape with shaping stick (#40 sandpaper glued to a 1” x 9" piece of wood, [can also be purchased])
3. Shape concave surfaces by wrapping sandpaper around a pencil or dowel
4. Finish sand with #100 or finer sandpaper
5. Seal wood before painting, (recommended not mandatory).
6. Add weight to finished car to achieve maximum racing weight of 6 oz. (use Postal or kitchen scale)
7. Finished dimensions not to exceed: Width -2 3/4 in., Length - 9  in. Height of 5 inches

If you need weights, paints, decals or any additional supplies to complete your car they are available from:

Michaels Stores
Whistle Stop-Trains
Hobby People
BSA Scout Shop
Hardware Stores:

(Foil makes good chrome and marker can be used to make designs.

ANY QUESTIONS? CALL Dave Sargent at 3 5 1 - 8 7   1 2  cell  5 33  7 5    23


After the race, or prepare before.


Thank you racing in Pack 373 Pinewood derby.
We do our best to make the race both fun and fair.
Our apologizes to anyone that did not get a fair deal.

If your scout or child is sad after the race, I hope it can be used as a learning experience to grow from, learn sportsmanship.

Scouts do not like to lose, or fail, at anything. Who does?

We can do our best, but not win ever time.
Setbacks are only temporary, (Bears, Wolfs and Tiger can try again next year.)
We are glad you raced fair.
"Good job, that was fun,"
We can rebound from a disappointing outcome, disappoint is normal for a short time.
When we lose, it's important that we are gracious. When we win, it's important that we are a gracious winner too."
Do focus on the positive. "After a loss, I say, 'Great race. I still really like your car.'
Be happy for your team, your den, the scout in your den that did win.

Blessings, Dave

10 Reasons Why Competition Is A Good Thing  - outside link