There is new BSA program

NOVA and Super Nova

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Part of STEM
STEM is an acronym representing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Nova Awards for Boy Scouts
   Shoot! (science)
   Start Your Engines (Technology)
   Whoosh! (Engineering)
   Designed to Crunch (Mathematics) 

See this BSA link for details


Supernova Awards for Boy Scouts
   Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award (First Level Award)
   Thomas Edison Supernova Award (Second Level Award)


There are a number of other Special BSA awards:


This Awards Troop 373 has awarded:

        50 Miler Award

Service, Conservation, and Scoutcraft Emblems

        Den Chief Service Award  - (With Pack)
        Totin' Chip card
        Paul Bunyan Woodsman patch
        World Conservation Award  (panada patch)

Aquatics Emblems

        BSA Lifeguard (Also available to Adults)
        Mile Swim, BSA
        Snorkeling, BSA
        Kayaking, BSA
        Scuba, BSA

Other Awards and Emblems

        Interpreter Strips (Also available to Adults)
Religious Emblems