Troop Day Hike starting in Eaton Canyon

May 26, 2018   Sat.  Troop Day Hike Eaton Canyon.

Please meet up in the Eaton Canyon Parking Lot at 7:30am
1pm start at  Eaton Canyon
5  pm back at Eaton Canyon

Bring your Lunch and the 10 ESSENTIALS  bring with extra water all in your day pack.

Eaton Canyon Hike.

If below 1st Class will hike and work on plants and animal identifying and more. Bring your Compass.
           Plants and animal identifying is part of  2nd and 1st  class, be sure to have your handbook signed when done.

Idlehour Campground:

From 1915 until 1929, this was "Camp Idle Hour", a resort where one could pay to stay overnight and eat meals. Then in the 1930's it became a free public campground and remains so today. . This campground was likely built by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) during the depression years of the 1930's. It as stoves and picnic tables. Who used the campground? The campground is not heavily used. Predominately used by adventurous teenage boys, like Boy Scout troops.


Eaton Canyon is located in the mountains (Angeles National Forest) N of Pasadena, California, USA. The term "Upper Eaton Canyon" is not well defined but here it means that portion of the canyon above the last waterfall of the lower canyon which is just downstream from the defunct Sugar Bowl campground located just ENE of the 2647 ft. elevation peak shown on the Mt. Wilson topographic map. The first waterfall of the lower canyon is frequently visited by hikers. There is a series of waterfalls above this first one, then a stretch with mostly no waterfalls, and then another series of waterfalls, the last one of which marks the start of upper Eaton Canyon at the now defunct - gone- "Sugar Bowl" campground.