David Clancy Eagle Project

When: Saturday, June 9th 8AM - 2PM. (Lunch and refreshments will be provided.)

Where: Puddingstone Reservoir AKA Frank G Bonelli Park. At the work yard. (Check in at park headquarters first.)
120 East Via Verde Drive San Dimas CA 91773

Map of Park

Meeting Spot is the equestrian staging area on the map !

The Park entrance is at Park Headquarters on the map (where you will sign in.)

What to bring: A hat, sunscreen, and work clothes.

What: The Project is about/ What will we be doing?
We will be building artificial fish habitat out of PVC pipe, irrigation pipe, 5 gallon buckets, etc.
These structures will provide hiding places for young fish such as Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Crappie
(with an “ahh” sound people, with an “ahh”), and even young Largemouth Bass. This helps the fry grow
into reproducing adults. Another thing the structure will do is provide a space for aquatic plants to
grow which will attract aquatic insects both of which will provide food for the fish. Adult fish of
smaller species such as Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Shad and Crappie will use the structures as well.
When the young fish reach maturity and reproduce that will mean more young fish which will provide a
better recreational fishery for local anglers. This is important because Puddingstone Reservoir is a
heavily pressured lake, meaning the fish are pursued by so many anglers that it can deplete the
natural fish population. In other words, more fish are caught than are born and survive to maturity.
This is a real concern, because the lake currently doesn’t receive any stocking
(fish raised in a hatchery put into the lake.) So the fish are forced to naturally replenish the population.
 Planting such structures enhances their ability to reproduce.

*Very Important*
I need you to email me, even if you are just thinking about coming.
Because I will email you an entrance pass so you can get into the park without having to pay.
When you first arrive, check in at park headquarters, they can give you directions and
will have you sign their volunteer book.

Contact info:

My email: justthedac@gmail.com (use this for RSVP)
My Phone: (626) - 461 - 3147 My Dad’s Phone: (213) - 291 - 5757

Helping at this Eagle project counts for the Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge Requirement #5
Part of Panda patch.

c. Develop and implement a fishery improvement project or a backyard wildlife habitat improvement project.