BSA  Greater Los Angeles Area Council  offers day camps from time to time the next one is on Sat. Nov. 8.

This is a optional family event for Cub Scouts (Tiger, or Wolf or Bear) at Camp Trask in Monrovia Canyon.


For Cub Scouts  Day camp at Camp Trask, Saturday, November 18th 8 am-5 pm only  Flyer - Signup    

Saturday 8 am-5 pm only, lunch included in below cost per person


$35.00 per Cub Scout
$15.00 per Adult Staying with Cub
$35.00 per Sibling

Optional training class:
$30.00 per Adult/B.A.L.O.O. Training/not staying with Cub

Sign up info:

* Your name and address and info.
*Unit Type and Number : Pack 373
*Council Name: : 33 - Greater Los Angeles Area Council
* District: Lucky Baldwin
* Do you need to arrive on Monday : NA

Fell free to contact me if you have questions Dave Sargent,  basargent@earthlink.net or cell 626-533-7523

We are not offering the overnight camping, in Pack 373 this is for Webelos.

Do not pay the Monrovia Canyon parking fee when going to Trask.

Trask Photos-Trask Day Camp Photos


  Map to trask

CAMP TRASK is a unique and very special place.  Located in Monrovia Canyon, it seems like you are millions of miles away from the city!  The silence in camp is broken only by the sound of the stream which flows through camp.  There are no city lights, so you can see the stars at night.   There are lots of reasons to come to Trask:  the new dining hall, the great pool, a Real fort, the outdoor amphitheater where you can have a great Campfire program, the lake with boats,  the tree house, hiking trails, and more.  But the best reason to come to Trask is: you.   This is the only place where you can "get away from it all" so quickly and conveniently.