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When people think about Boy Scout the first thing that usually come to mind is Camping and Hiking.     Cub Programs   Boy Scout Programs  BSA Family Camps

BSA Camps:
As as member of the Boy Scouts of America - BSA (which Cub Scout is part of) you are part of the SBA's San Gabriel Valley Council. The Council runs three camps :    CAMP CHERRY VALLEY (CCV) , CAMP TRASK (Trask) and Holcomb Valley Scout Ranch (HV)

Pack 373 and Troop 373 also run their own camping programs, check with your Cubmaster or Scoutmaster.

    The Beach  1999 CCV Photos    2000 CCV Photos    CCV 2001

CAMP CHERRY VALLEY, located on Santa Catalina Island, offers opportunities for world class snorkeling,, hiking,, kayaking and swimming.  CCV is located on the leeward side of the island, which means the cove is calm and protected from heavy surfs perfect place for lots of fun in the water!   Hike-and-swims, touring an old silver mine, the sea lab with touch tank,  camping in comfortable tents under a unique variety of cherry trees, outstanding's all here waiting for you to discover!   More info link


       WILDERNESS CLOSE TO HOME   Trask Photos-Trask 2000 Day Camp Photos

CAMP TRASK is a unique and very special place.  Located in Monrovia Canyon, it seems like you are millions of miles away from the city!  The silence in camp is broken only by the sound of the yearend stream which flows through camp.  There are no city lights, so you can see the stars at night.   There are lots of reasons to come to Trask:  the new dining hall, the great pool, the outdoor amphitheater where you can have a great Campfire program or watch a movie, the lake with boats, Fort, the tree house, hiking trails, and more.  But the best reason to come to Trask is: you.   This is the only place where you can "get away from it all" so quickly and conveniently. More info Link
  Map to trask


            THE MOUNTAINS

Holcomb Valley Scout Ranch is located on a high country meadow and surrounded by tree covered hills and mountains. Holcomb Valley provides programs for all ages and stages of Scouting.  Your Holcomb Valley staff is there to see that your needs are met. They will also be there to entertain and motivate your Scouts and make sure this will be a summer they will not soon forget. The Troop camp site is your home for the week and includes two man tents, picnic tables, flush toilets, and showers. A scout and his buddy have a home for a week. Your Troop Friend will be with you the whole week helping, guiding, and inspiring your Scouts. Our staff will take the time to help your Scout master skills individually and as groups. Merit badge instruction takes place in the program areas and in the camp site. Holcomb Valley offers a wide variety of merit badges.   More info Link

 San Gabriel Valley Council  offers these variety of camping facilities operated by outstanding staff.  Each camp has its own personality, each is ready to welcome you to have an adventure of a lifetime, and create memories that will last forever.  All of our camping programs at every camp are offered at very affordable prices!

 As you look through the Council Calendar, you will find many camping opportunities listed.  Here's a quick definition of what you will see:

BSA Cub Camps Programs:

Tiger Cub Safari Camp at Trask, In first week of March. Sat.  9:00am to 4:00pm    Map to trask
               Sign up at San Gabriel Valley Council and the So. Ca. Camps, this fills up. Flyer
               See website for price. Tiger and Partner. Flyers Available. Past:Photos1-Photos2

Cub Scout Day Camp: Offered at Camp Trask.  Cub Scout Day Camp is the highlight of the Cub Scout's year.  Cubs  work on many activities of skill and fun, and at the same time advance in rank or earn Arrow Points. Last weeks of June. Flyer  It is a great week of fun! Trask 2000 Day Camp Photos
This is a Pack event.

Webelos Day Camp:   Similar to Cub Day Camp, except the activities are specifically for
 Webelos Scouts.  It's a week that your Webelos will remember forever.  Webelos Camp is offered at  Trask. Normally in July see Flyer  Map to trask
This is a Pack event.

Cub Scout Resident Camp:  Cubs have the opportunity to enjoy a slipway camp staffed by Cub Scout experts who plan activities for advancement and fun specifically for Cubs.   Cub Resident Camp is open only to Cubs who are Bears and Webelos, no Tigers.  Last week of Aug. This is a Pack event. Flyer 1999 CCV Photos 2000 CCV Photos CCV 2001

Other Programs are offered at Camp Trask Cherry Valley that Families can sign for and attend with out the Pack, check there web site.

Family Camps, You are free to sign up and go on BSA family camp on your own:

Mom-and-Me, Dad-and-Lad, Fun With Son, Memorial Day and Labor Day:
 These camps, offered at all three of our facilities, are just plain FUN!  No need to worry about cooking or anything else ... the staff is there to make sure you have a great time either by yourself, with you son, your family, or you Pack, Troop, Team or Post ... or maybe you and your significant other might want to sneak away for Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend, just the two of you.  Here's a  PROGRAM IDEA:  Why not make one of these events a family outing for your unit, or   simply a unit outing?  Especially for Cub Scouts, this is one of the few camping opportunities which are allowed under BSA Camping Guidelines!  Take full advantage!  Plan to go to three events this year ... one at  each camp!

Camporee: Boy Scout Weekend that  Webelos Scouts can vist for the day, check to see if your den is visiting this year: Day Camp Flyer    camporee Photos
BSA Boy Scouts Camps Programs:

Camporee: Boy Scout Weekend. Friday to Sunday Morning in a weekend in April. Scout Test their camping and over scout skills. Flyer  past Camporee Photos

Boy Scout Summer Camp: for Boy Scouts, Offered at Holcomb Valley Scout Ranch ( and Cherry Valley), this is the premiere week-long camp for Boy Scouts.  Earn merit badges, advance in rank, Flyer

Boy Scout Advancement Camps:  These camps, offered at Trask, provide an excellent opportunity for Boy Scouts to earn merit badges.  What a great resource!  Qualified counselors are on site to guide Scouts through their requirements.  These camps are offered in the summer (Trail to Eagle) as well as on select weekends during the year (Nature and Shooting weekends and more). FlyersMap to trask

First Class Emphasis Day Camp: Also held at Trask, this camp is specifically designed for new Boy Scouts who are eleven years old, and working on Tenderfoot, Second, and First Class ranks.  The Scouts do not stay overnight, but they do have five full days of fun, learning and adventure! ( Nova and 1st Year Scout Camps) Flyers Map to trask

First Class Emphasis over night Camp: Also held at Trask, this camp is specifically designed for new Boy Scouts who are eleven years old, and working on Tenderfoot, Second, and First Class ranks.  The Scouts stay overnight, they have weekend full days of fun, learning and adventure! FlyersMap to trask

 Specialty Camps:  Such as Wilderness Survival, "911" Camp, Explorer Road Rally, BSA Lifeguard, Scout Skills, and Klondike Derby.  These evens are scheduled throughout the year, so look for them ... each in their own way, they offer something unique and fun!

Open Camping: Let's say you want to go camping for the weekend at one of our camps, but not necessarily on an organized program weekend.  No problem!   Just let us know when you'd like to come, and we'll do our best to accommodate you ... we can provide as much or as little staff program support as you wish! Flyers

 The List Goes On ...  Astronomy, fishing, team-building, kayaking, backpacking ... chances are, if you can think of it, we will offer it!  There is no better time than right now to visit our Council Camps ... each facility is changing and improving almost daily ... this is an exciting time to be a Scout or Scouter in the San Gabriel Valley Council!


Talk to you Cubmaster or Scoutmaster then,

 As you can imagine, with so many exciting programs taking place at our camps, demand for space  is high, and space is sometimes limited!  It is always best to make your plans as soon as possible, then call our Camping Department to make your reservation.  Or, perhaps you don't know which camp to attend, but you have an idea of what you want to do ... again, call our Camping Department for guidance!  We're here to help!  You can reach us at: (626) 351-8815, extension 237.

Camp Forms:

 Please turn in the new BSA Medical Form before going on a trip, complete Parts A and C for weekend trip; have Part B complete for Boy Scout Troop Summer camps. A doctor must complete Part B of the form, The Medical form is good for one year. Cub Scout Summer Camps need only Parts A and C.

BB shooting and Archery forms Click here BSA_BB.jpg

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