Boy Scouts of America

Ta Tanka Lodge

San Gabriel Valley Council

80th Caravan

August 31 - September 2, 2013

Holcomb Valley


Order of the Arrow

Ta Tanka Lodge 488

Date of Printing: May 2013

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The Order of the Arrow is hosting the Caravan and is coordinating the events, and coordinating activities, Cub and Scout events, competitions.

Caravan (Desert Caravan, if held in the Desert, Caravan otherwise) is a long time San Gabriel Valley Scout Council tradition of camping, Scouting activities, competitions, and fun. Skipper Robinson, one of the first Camp Directors at Camp Cherry Valley, started Desert Caravan in 1933, a listing of previous Caravans follows this brief history and overview. Caravan is for family, friends and family, Cub Den, Cub Pack, Scout Patrol, Scout Troop, and Order of the Arrow members.

This year’s Caravan is being held at the Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation, located in the hills near Big Bear Lake. From the Council Website:

Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation is located on a high country meadow and surrounded by tree covered hills and mountains.  Somewhere between the crisp air of a mountain meadow and the brilliance of a setting sun lies Holcomb Valley Scout Camp.

Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, at approximately 7500', this pristine camp is like a step back in time.  Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation, may seem fairly remote but is just a few short miles from Big Bear Lake.  It is rich in local history, and has been used in numerous television and movie productions.  At the turn of the century, it was still a working cattle ranch and some of the original buildings are still standing, including the ranch house and barn.

Picture yourself on a crisp morning, preparing for your day.  Scouts and anyone who loves the outdoors, enjoys star-filled night skies will love this camp!  You will be surrounded with people who share the same love of nature that you do.  Family weekends are always a treat.  You can book a weekend for you group, pack or troop and just do your own thing.


Camping at Caravan

Please remember that this is a Scout Camp and Scout event, Scout rules are in force. The rule of the camp is the Scout Law. Youth Protection Training rules are in force. The Buddy System is to be followed.

Thing to know at Caravan:


Saturday, August 31, 2013 9 AM to 2 PM Check-in, set up camp, eat lunch

1 PM to 4 PM Merit Badges and Belt Loops

5 PM to 7 PM Dinner and Cleanup

8:30 PM to 9:30 PM Council Cracker Barrel (at Dining Area)

10 PM Lights Out

Sunday, September 1, 2013 7 AM to 8:30 AM Breakfast and Cleanup

8:30 AM to 9:15 AM Scouts Own

9:15 AM to 11:30 AM Competition and Fun Events MERIT

11:30 AM to 1 PM Lunch and Cleanup

1 PM to 4 PM Merit Badges and Belt Loops

4 PM to 5 PM Free Time

5 PM to 6:30 PM Dinner and Cleanup

6:35 PM Cobbler and Chili Cook off

8:30 PM Council Campfire PLEASE BRING WOOD

9:30 PM to 9:45 PM Order of the Arrow Rededication


Monday, September 2, 2013 7 AM to 8:30 AM Breakfast and Cleanup

8:30 AM to 9:30 AM Camp Cleanup

9:30 AM to 11 AM Break Camp and Check Out

Please note that event timings may change, with short notice. A Notice Board will be posted in the Dining Area.


Caravan this year at Holcomb Valley will offer camping in Scout Patrol sites down the trail from the Dining Hall and Trading post. We will be offering Cub Scout Skill Awards and Scout Merit Badges, as well as friendly competitions, activities, and lots of fun in the mountains. This is rustic camping. Campers can sleep in tents or under the stars. The Dining Area will be available to use for eating, play, or just to relax. There is the potential for buying hot cocoa and coffee from the Order of the Arrow. The Trading Post will also be open for snacks and candy.

For camping at Holcomb Valley, cars and vehicles can be used to bring the gear and take it out of the camp sites. After unloading or loading, the vehicles have to be moved to the parking lots. There are to be no vehicle parked in camp sites, you will be asked to move your car.

RVs and campers are to park in the parking lot near the meadow. There is no electricity, water, or dumping of waste.

Holcomb Valley is located in the mountains, which will mean that during the day it will be warm and cool at night. Due to the high elevation, dehydration can happen, so drink plenty of water or fluids. Be careful not to get sunburned, wear protective gear and sunscreen.

Caravan is a family camp. Cub Scouts can attend with their parents or legal guardians only, they cannot attend with others. Scouts and Parents, remember to bring your 10 Essentials and to be prepared in case the weather changes. Have warm clothes for the nights and clothes for the warm days.

For the Sunday morning Flag Ceremony, for the Scouts (Cub and Boy) and Scouters, please wear a Field Dress Scout (old term: Class "A") uniform and be a little early so we can start on time and be ready for the fun for the rest of the day and weekend.

If camping with tents, please keep your group in the Patrol sites. We need to make sure everyone has enough space for their groups. Although winds are generally not a problem at Holcomb, please remember to stake down your tents, dining flies, and E-Z ups even if the wind is not blowing.

Let’s remember that scouts are good campers, and keep in mind the good camper’s motto: "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints."

Let’s have a great Caravan!


Information, Lost and Found, Check-in, and the Trading Post will be located at Headquarters (HQ).

Safety and Security

There will be no special security force provided for Caravan. It is strongly recommended that each camp, family, or Scout unit have at least one adult present in their campsites at all times. This is for safety purposes also.

No firearms, including air guns, Fireworks will be permitted at the Caravan site as per B.S.A. regulations. Any individual possessing such items will be asked to leave Desert Caravan immediately and will forfeit all Caravan fees.

First Aid and Emergencies

We will have a first aid station near the Headquarters, but each unit should bring its own first aid kit anyway Please bring properly-executed consent to treat slips with you for all those scouts under 18 yrs.


Bear Valley Community Hospital

41870 Garstin Drive (down the hill from the ski resort)

Big Bear Lake, CA

(909) 866-6501

Scouts’ Own Services

A Scouts’ Own Service for the camp will be held from 0830 to 0900 on Sunday at the fire pit. All attending the Caravan are encouraged to participate. Remember that a Scout is reverent. Scouts should be Field Dress uniform.

Trading Post

The Trading Post will be located at Caravan Headquarters. At this wonderful locale one may find all information concerning Caravan, scouting, patches, and every thing else that you don’t really want to know.


There are no campfires, except in the Camp fire pit for the scheduled campfire. Weather and fire restrictions may cancel the scheduled campfire, but the skits and songs will continue.


There will be Arrowmen checking units out. Unit’s wishing to leave on Saturday night must see OA members. Be sure your area is clean and restored to the natural surface conditions before you ask to be checked out. There will be no refunds of Caravan fees.

Also as you know, the highways back to the SGV become heavily congested on Sunday afternoon. Due to the heavy traffic it is suggested that your unit break camp early as to avoid such hassles attributed to heavy traffic. The Headquarters will close at 1000, so any unit who departs after 1000 is on their own.


Weather permitting; the following competitive events and fun activities will be available. Awards will be presented as suitable. The directions to all events can be found at the Caravan headquarters (Check-in).

Cub Scout and Scout
Note: Adult Volunteers needed to lead and teach


Knots and Lashings Flags and Flag Etiquette

Basic Cooking (plus you get to eat it afterwards) Nature hike

Laying out and setting up a camp Packing a backpack

Tents (putting up and taking down) For Cubs and Scouts – guide to Scout books and how to work with Den Leaders, Cub Masters, and Scout Masters Specific (Cubs and Scouts) – as Trainers are available: Cooking (basic knowledge) Surveying Badminton

Indian Lore Environmental Astronomy Engineering Art More, as we have leaders - Volunteer

There will be competitive events though out Sunday along with the few listed here, for participation and extra fun. Activity Supplement page will be passed out at Check in.
Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt will be held between 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, Sunday. The items on the list should be able to be found at Holcomb near our campsite. Awards will be awarded to the Cubs and Scouts that turn in the most items before 11:30 AM. Early arrivals have the advantage of scouting things out before the start of the contest; you may pick up your list at the Caravan Trading Post.


Sunday night at 8:30 PM is campfire. Everyone is encouraged to prepare and present a skit, a story, a song, some form of entertainment. All acts must be reviewed and approved by the Caravan Committee before going "live". There are lots of Scout skits, stories, and songs available on-line; please have parental review.


Caravan patches will be provided for each registrant. Extra patches may be purchased at the Caravan Trading Post. There will be a special edition Caravan Council Shoulder Patch for sale, also at the Trading Post

Patch Trading
There will be a patch trading area set up next to the Trading Post. All traders are welcome all day.


There will be tomahawk throwing in the morning, location to be noted.

Branding Irons
Caravan Staff, Sunday from 1 PM to 4 PM

We will have branding irons for this year’s Caravan, as well as various brands from the past. There are a limited number of these so please do not crowd in at once as the brands take a while to reheat after each use.

Chili / Cobbler Cook Off
Entries in this event will be judged at the check-in area. Samples for the contest are plated and ready for judging at 6:25 PM. All entries must be received by 6:35 PM. The Judging will start at 6:35 PM, Sunday. If you participate, this could be part of your dinner. See the attached rules.

Chili / Cobbler Cookoff Rules

Remember that the most important thing about this competition is that your chili or cobbler should reflect your creative nature. These competitions are open to all, both chili and cobbler.


It is not just the taste or the presentation that makes a winner. It is the ability to write the rules yourself that gets you the first place ribbon.


Judging criteria is as follows:

Be prepared to bring and cook your chili / cobbler within a marked off area that, after the cook starts cooking, may not be crossed by the cook, any person aiding, assisting, or helping the cook, or any item, food, or spice. The rule here is what you bring is what you use to cook.

Be prepared to pick up more rules at the check-in area. In the meantime, the following rules will be observed.




Chief and Advisors , Phillip Uebele

Competitive Events



Trading Post Ken Hirscht

First Aid

Sanitation Engineering

Branding Irons Bob Bower

Council Campfire

Scouts Own By Unit

Patch Design

Publications Phillip Uebele

Check Out Caravan Staff

Park Representative


The Ta Tanka Lodge expresses its special thanks to all those who have made this Caravan a reality.


1933 Calico-Slope S. of Calico Skipper Robinson

1st 1934 Pipes Canyon

2nd 1935

3rd 1936

4th 1937

5th 1938

6th 1939

7th 1940

8th 1941

9th 1942 Camp Huntington

10th 1943 No Caravan-WWII

11th 1944 No Caravan-WWII

12th 1945

13th 1946

14th 1947

15th 1948 Last Christmas Caravan

16th 1949 First Thanksgiving Caravan

17th 1950

18th 1951

19th 1952

20th 1953

21st 1954 Dead Mans Point-Apple Valley

22nd 1955

23rd 1956

24th 1957 Sunrise Valley Olie Pricket

25th 1958 Deadman Point Irv Thompson

26th 1959 Lead Mountain O.J. Cressweell

27th 1960 Edwards Air Force Base Bob Cornet

28th 1961 Stoddard Wells Ray Galceran

29th 1962 Yucca Valley Byron Thompson

30th 1963 Sunrise Canyon Marcus Woodward

31st 1964 Hesperia-Fish Farm Dwight Bekins

32nd 1965 Black Mountain Norm Shanks

33rd 1966 Black Mountain Norm Shanks

34th 1967 Goldstone Fort Irwin Paul Malling

35th 1968 Los Flores Ranch Hesperia Chuck Williams

36th 1969 Rosmano Dry Gulch Ted Knutso

37th 1970 China Lake Randsburg Wash Vic Harris


38th 1971 29 Palms Marine Base

39th 1972 29 Palms Marine Base George Swabson

40th 1973 Boron

41st 1974 Edwards Air Force Base LeRoy Spiers

42nd 1975 Boron-Golf Course Bill Rice

43rd 1976 Prado Dam Jake Jacobs

44th 1977 Corvina Beach Salton Sea Al Rosen

45th 1978 North Shore Salton Sea Ed Kolberg

46th 1979 Prado Basin Park Herb Naus

47th 1980 Edwards Air Force Base

48th 1981 Camp Will Ward-Near Salton Sea

49th 1982 Tin Can Alley George Way

50th 1983 Lake Perris Ken Lang

51st 1984 Lake Perris Bob McMurturey

52nd 1985 Firestone-canceled-rain Woody Simpson

53rd 1986 Fort Irwin Bob McMurtrey

54th 1987 Sun Rise Valley Dick Harris

55th 1988 Stoddard Wells Mark Bower

56th 1989 Bell Mountain Bob Lang

57th 1990 Edwards Air Force Base John Nelson

58th 1991 Fort Erwin-Goldstone Dick Harris

59th 1992 Sun Rise Valley Phillip Uebele

60th 1993 Boron-Golf Course Jeremy Mo/Phillip Uebele

61st 1994 Mojave Regional Park Ken Hirscht

62nd 1995 Johnson Flats John Nelson

63rd 1996 Last Chance Canyon Allen Kambara

64th 1997 Tin Can Alley-Calico Peter Wellington

65th 1998 Upper Johnson Valley John Nelson /Peter Wellington

66th 1999 Tin Can Alley Jonathan Mo/Phillip Uebele

67th 2000 Mojave River Fork Mark Brewster

68th 2001 Mojave River Fork John Nelson

69th 2002 Mojave River Fork Dennis Dayne

70th 2003 Mojave River Fork John Nelson

71st 2004 Tin Can Alley Bob Bower

72nd 2005 Lake Cahulia Park Ann Wellington

73rd 2006 Lake Cahulia Park Ken Hirscht

74th 2007 Rainbow Basin Eric Weiland /Rick Wellington

75th 2008 Mojave River Fork J. Nelson & P. Uebele


76th 2009 Lake Cahulia Park John Haskett/P. Uebele & J. Nelson

77th 2010 Majave River Fork Connor Crowly/P. Uebele

78th 2011 Rainbow Basin Stuart Goss/P. Uebele

79th 2012 Rainbow Basin Ken Hirscht/P. Uebele

80th 2013 Holcomb Reservation /P. Uebele

* If anyone can fill any of the missing information please see Phillip Uebele so this list can be updated.



MEDICAL INFORMATION For ALL Adult and Youth members (Youth are under 18 years of age on the date that this form is submitted). During the year, if the medical provider / insurance information may change, it is important that you contact the Lodge with the current information.


We, the undersigned, parents or guardians of _______________________________________, a minor, do hereby consent to any X-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital service that may be rendered to said minor under the general or specific instructions of a physician licensed to practice in the United States, whether such diagnosis or treatment is rendered at the office of said physician or at a hospital licensed by the medical authority of any State of the United States.

It is understood that consent is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment or hospital care being required, but is given in order that said physician may have the opportunity to exercise best judgment as to the action which may be necessary or required to protect the life and health of said minor child.

This consent shall remain effective until revoked in writing by the parents or guardian of said minor.

__________ ____________________________
Date Signature of Parent or Guardian

Day Time Phone: (____) _____-_________ Night Time Phone: (____) _____-_________


Health Insurance Provider: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: (____) _____-_________ Ext. (if necessary)_____

Health Insurance Policy Identification or other Identification Information that will provide immediate treatment


Minor's Physician

Name: _______________________________ Telephone Number: (____) _____-_________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: _________ ZIP: _______-______


Prescription Medicine: _______________________________________________________________________

Allergies: _________________________________________________________________________________


$10.00 per Person
Date: __________________, 2013

Name of person registering: _____________________________________________________

Day time telephone number: (______) ______ ________ Night time tel. # (______) ______ ________

Address: ________________________________________________________.


City: _________________________________________________. State: ______ ZIP ______-_____

Names of persons registering for participation at Desert Caravan.
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.
6. 6.
7. 7.
8. 8.
9. 9.
10. 10.

Number of Adults: ________ Number of Youth: __________ Total Number: _______________
         x $10.00


Deposit into Account 1-2371-904-00