Caravan - Labor Day Weekend Campout
Sept. 1 to 3,  2018
Sat. to Monday

At Camp Trask in Monrovia

Caravan can be a Troop 373 event or a Scout Family Event:

1) If you can go and drive scouts, please reply. SMCC at 8:30am
2) Scouts that need a ride, reply (not coming with family).
SMCC at 8:30am
3) Looking for a Great Labor Day Weekend Family Campout this is it.
If you are a second class Scout and would like to complete 1st Class Cooking at Caravan please reply.

All please RSVP to Martin  Deveau
Scout Cost $20 to Troop (not coming with family)
Scout Payment can be made upon arrival at Caravan to Troop 373.

Camp program by OA and the GLAAC

To RSVP for this event please with your family information and number attending

Family Camping You bring your camping gear, the staff provides a great program.

Troop camping is $20.00 per youth or Adult, this includes you camp spot, program, campfire, Cracker Barrel refreshments,  flush toilets, showers, pool, Rife and Archery, games and lot more.

(If you come for just the day you still must pay the camp fee)

Family camping bring and cook your own food , Scout sign up for food with Troop. 

Family camping check-in is from 9 AM to 2 PM  at Trask

If you like, from 1 PM to 4 PM Scout can earn Merit Badges and again Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM. at the same time is program for Cubs and and youth.

 (See last page of guide to sign up forms.)

 Check Out is 9:30 AM to 11 AM Monday (you can depart early if needed.) 

Please complete the new BSA Medical Form before going to camp, complete Parts A and B for the camp and sign.  The Medical form is good for one year. (you do not need part Part C.  A doctor completes Part C of the form, that you do not need).

Camp Trask is in green and beautiful Monrovia Canyon, the road is newly paved all the way to camp.

Photos of Trask

Past camp Photos

Map to Trask

Trask web site with more info