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Jan.     1    New Years Day

January 8  Den Meeting

Jan. 15 Den Meeting and Tiger Den

Jan.   21     Martin King Jr. BD Holiday link   Third Monday of January

January 22  Den Meeting

Jan 27,  2013 Gold Line Trip Pack Family Outing.
               Cost: See Flyer ~ $ 3.00 to $6.00 each, Sunday Afternoon 2:30pm 5:00pm
                 Pack Flyer     Sierra Madre Villa station to Downtown and back.

Jan. 29   Family Pack Meeting and  Award Presentations 7pm. (Theme  Space Exploration)

Feb. 2013

Feb. 2  Sat Leaders Pow-Wow - University of Scouting Theme: Catch the Scouting Wave.
            El Monte High School , 3048 Tyler Avenue,   El Monte, CA 91731 link
                BSA SGV Council Sponsored  Phone 626-351-8815    List of classes
                The Pow Wow is a Cub Scout leader's learning extravaganza! Classes - sign up
               A big, fun - filled experience where Cub Scout leaders increase their knowledge,
                improve their skills, and gain enthusiastic attitudes about Cub Scouting.
               Sign up in advance or show up, some subjects do fill up.

Feb. 5 Den Meeting


February 10, Sunday, 3pm, Unknown Scout Ceremony, Memorial Park.  Flyer

Feb. 10 Scout Sunday  Wear your uniform to SMCC.  [If available please be at Kid's Church a 9:20am to be in the Opening Flags]  Flyer

Feb. 14 Valentine's Day  link

Feb. 12  Den Meeting and Tiger Den

February 13 Ash Wednesday - Lent

Feb.  18, 2011  Mon. Presidents Daylink Third Monday of February

Feb.  19   Den Meeting and Rank completion for B& G awarding.

Feb. 23, Sat. 7pm to 8:30pm Arrow of Light (AOL) Ceremony in Old North Church at 7pm to 8:30pm. Flyer

Feb. 24  Sun. Pack Family Outing, Boat Race 2:30 PM Flyer

Feb. 26 Pack Meeting Celebrates the founding of BSA and Rank Award Presentations. Family Event. (Theme Career Jokes)
                  Blue and Gold Dinner 6:25 to 8:30pm Flyer

March 1, Friday. SGVC Dinner,  Silver Beaver Award.  Flyer only and at Scout Shop. 6:30 PM reception; 7:00 PM dinner.

March 2  Tiger Cub Safari Camp Trask  Monrovia,  Sat.  9:00am to 4:00pm  Past Photos 1 - Photos 2
             For  our Tigers (boy  1st grade) and Partners. Cost about: Tiger is $40.00 each Adult is  $15.00
             Includes Lunch crafts and more. Flyer    Flyer and Sign up page      pay online     Map to Trask

March 2013

March 2  Sat. Webelos Den 6 and 7 Outing Model Rocket morning.  Pack Flyer

March 4, “Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?” will premiere on the National Geographic Channel on Monday, a reality TV show.  Every Monday night at 8pm PT until the season finale on April 8 (8PM ET, 7PM CT). NGC Link .   BSA Link1  - Link2 - Link3  -  link4

March  5  Den Meeting

March 10  2013 Sun.    Daylight Savings (Set Clocks head One Hour Sat night)  (second Sunday in March)  ends Nov. 3 2013 Link link 2

March 12  Den Meeting and Tiger Den

March 17, 2013 Sun Wistaria Festival in Sierra Madre, CA from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. flyer

March 19  Pack Meeting   Family Event.  Pinewood Cars on Sale $2.00 each week.
                      First Tiger, Wolf and Bear Electives awarded.

March 24 Palm Sundaylink

March 26  NO  Den Meeting due to Holy Week

March 29  Good Fridaylink
March 31  Easterlink

April 2013

April 2  Den Meeting

April 6  2013, Saturday,  Huck Finn Day  SM, CA .For more information and to register for the Huck Finn Fishing Derby call the city parks at 626-355-5278.  read Flyer

April  9 Den Meeting and Tiger Den

April 14 Sunday  New 2:30pm to 6:00pm  Free E-waste Roundup Event Flyer

April 16  Den Meeting

April 23 Pinewood Derby Car test Day. (if your car is ready, if not bring it the day of the race) and
April 23  Tiger Den test day and Tiger Den Meeting.  7pm to 8:30pm

April 30   Pack Meeting, Pot Luck and Pinewood Derby Read Flyer   (Leader Den 7) Family Event.

 April 28 - May 4, 2013.  National TV - Turnoff Week (if you would like to join in)

April 24, 2013 Wed.  Secretary's Day - Administrative Professional's Day - Wednesday of the last full week of April
April  26  Friday   Arbor Day  - Last Friday in April;

May 2013

May   2 Thur... National Day of Prayer   First Thursday of May

May 4, Sat. 2013, 8:00am Flyer link.  Sierra Madre Fire Department Pancake Breakfast and Open House  Held at the Fire Station.  A $5 donation for each breakfast. 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

(May 4, Saturday Arcadia  Fire Department Pancake Breakfast link  630 S. Baldwin Avenue, Fire Service Days in LA)

May  7   Den Meeting  and Tiger Den Membership open house New date

May   7   2013, Tues.   Teacher's Day  -  Tuesday of the first full week of May

May 11  2013  Open House at Monrovia 7-11, TC  and all City of Los Angeles Fire Stations 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 2nd Sat of May. is LA Fire Service Recognition Day,

May  12   Sunday Mother's  Day  - Second Sunday in May.

May  14   Den Meeting

May 18  Sat. One hour Service Project Rummage Clean up new Flyer

May  21   Pack meeting  Year End Rank Promotion, starting with DESSERT. At Bailey Canyon in Sierra Madre Flyer
                                                       (and last Arrow Point award presentations for Wolf and Bear)
       Tigers to  Wolf,    Wolf to Bear,    Bear to Webelos, Webelos to 2nd year Webelos Patrol
        Last Tuesday Meeting till 9-10-13
May  27  Mon. Memorial Day   Last Monday of May

June 8th and  June 9th  JPL Open House Saturday & Sunday  9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Flyer

June 2013

June 1,  2013    El Monte hazardous waste Collection Event, El Monte Airport, 4233 North Santa Anita Avenue, El Monte 91731 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

June 1, 2013  Pack Outing Scout Expo  10am to 3pm  Flyer

June 8,  2013    El Monte hazardous waste Collection Event, Public Works Flood Control Maintenance Yard, 160 E. Longden Ave., Irwindale 91706  9:00 a.m. to

June 14, 2013    Webelos Overnight Camp at Bailey Canyon for Den 7, Den 2 and Den 8 Flyer

June 24 - 28.• 9 AM - 12 NOON  at Bethany Church, with  SMCC VBS  1st through current 6th Graders. flyer

New time: June 30 Pre CAMP CHERRY VALLEY meeting  160 West Sierra Madre Blvd.  7pm to 8:30pm
          Please bring your camp balance and med form for Scout and parent. Flyer

July 8 to 12 ,  2013 Cub Day Camp 9:00 AM to 3:00PM Flyer Monday to Friday Map to Trask

    Trask Cub Scout Day Camp      Trask
    For current for  Tigers And Wolf  (next Fall's Wolf and Bear)  Cost:  $110.00  (pack and bring your lunch)     Must Register as Pack!  Must go as group!  This event is planed, if enough sign up to drive the scouts to camp each day.  Pack flyer   Min. Leadership 5 to 1. Can have different Parent each day for supervision of scouts. Past Photos -- -
July 15-19, 2013, Webelos Day Camp. 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday to Friday  Map to Trask
    Trask Webelos Scout Day Camp      Trask     For current for  Webelos  Cost: $110.00  (pack and bring your lunch)     Must Register as Pack!  Must go as group!  This event is planed, if enough sign up to drive the scouts to camp each day.  Pack flyer    Min. Leadership 5 to 1. Can have different Parent each day for supervision of scouts. Past Photos --
July  16 Pack outing, Tuesday  New Los Angeles County Arboretum Flyer 8:45AM to 11 AM

July 4 Monday  Be in (or watch) the Sierra Madre 4th of July Day ParadeFlyer
          Morning. Flyer -  photo - DECLARATION -Web fun  )     #47  20013

July 6  2013   California's free fishing day  Sat. Free fishing days in Ca.
                    No license needed to fish.      Non Pack event, FYI only .. CA Fishing laws - info

July 16,  Tuesday   8:30 AM  Pack 373 Outing, Tour the Los Angeles County Arboretum
Ends at 9:30 AM Flyer

July 12, 2013 - Aug. 11, 2013   Orange County Fair   Flyer from Pack

August 15-18, 2013  Cub Resident Camp -Thur... - Sunday   Photos  - Other Photos Thur.. AM boat ride 4 days 3 night. Home Sunday late afternoon. CAMP CHERRY VALLEY, located on Santa Catalina Island. Cub Scout Resident Camp  Cost $235.00 Scout and $175.00 Adult Flyer Planned sign-ups start now

Aug. 27 Bear  Den Meeting  7pm -8pm

Aug. 30 to Sept. 2, 2013 New  2013 BSA Caravan  Family camping, Labor Day Weekend  at Holcomb Valley, Friday to Monday.  Flyer

September 2013

Aug. 31 to Sept. 29  2013  L.A. County Fair (closed Mondays and Tuesday) Flyer from Pack

Sept. 2, 2013  Mon.  Labor Day  First Monday in September.

Sept. 3   Wolf  Den Meeting  7pm -8pm

Sept. 7  2013   California's free fishing day  Sat. Free fishing days in Ca.
                    No license needed to fish.      Non Pack event, FYI only .. CA Fishing laws - info

Sept. 10, 2013  Tues. Membership information night. New Tigers, 1st Grade, join in. Info
Sept. 10, 2013  First Den Meeting of Fall Scout Year, 7:00pm SMCC Old North Church & Sell Popcorn starts

Sept. 17 Den Meeting

Sept. 24 Pack meeting, Family event. Theme Inventing

Sept. 29, 2013  Sunday. E-Waste Event at SMCC from 2:30pm to 6:00pm Flyer

Oct. 2013

Oct. 1  Den Meeting and Tiger Den meeting

Oct. 8  Den Meeting

Oct. 15   Den Meeting and Tiger Den meeting  -Tiger Fire Station Tour

Oct 13 Pack Outing  Family Nature Hike 2:00 pm  to  4:00 pm Flyer

Oct. 22  Den Meeting

October 25  Friday SMCC Fall Fest from 6pm to 8pm. Old North Church Parking Lot.  Games and lot more. Flyer

(October 25 Webelos Scout and Webelos parent can volunteer for a Service Project by helping for one Hour in a game booth. Helpering  Scouts come in uniform. RSVP to Mr. Sargent, appreciated, but not required to help.)

Oct. 29  Pack Meeting Family event.  Theme ...
Oct. 29  Tues.       Families turn in Popcorn orders and prize sheets at Oct. 29  Pack meeting. Turn in info
                              Selling Ends  Pack Families must turn in any remaining sheets,
                              Order deadline. Arrange to drop off at leader house if you miss the meeting.

Nov. 2  Pack Outing  FlyerLos Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentAero Bureau Helicopter Hanger

Nov. 2  Sat.  Den Leader  training

Nov. 3  Sun.    Daylight Savings (Set Clocks back One Hour Sat night)  Link link 2 First Sunday of November

November  5  Den Meeting and New date for Tiger Den meeting

November 12  Den Meeting

November 16 Sat.  2 to 4pm    Please pick up your Popcorn at 160 West Sierra Madre Blvd. SMCC.

November 17  Pack outing  Miniature Golf Arroyo Seco Golf Course 2:30 pm ~1h Flyer-photos

Boy Scout Troop Christmas Trees start

November 19 Den meeting  and Tiger Den meeting.

November 19  Tues.    Product Distribution at Den Meeting if you miss the Nov. 16
Any money you can turn in on the above two dates is appreciated.
Please turn in all money by Dec 10.

Nov. 26 No Den Meeting on Nov. 26.

Nov.  28     Thanksgiving Fun games

Dec. 2013
No Regular Tuesday Den meetings.

Dec. 1  Sunday.  Boy Scout Christmas Tree Sales Deadline.

Dec. 7 Sat, Polar Bear swim at Camp Trask flyer

Dec. 10  Pack 373 Christmas Party  Tiger and Wolf  Dens at SMCC.  (bring one new can of food for the SMCC pantry) 7pm   Tiger Den


Jan New Year

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