Any time you hike, bike, backpack or venture into the wilderness, remember to always carry the Scout Essentials:

 ____ 1. Water  (best in a Wide Mouth Water Bottle, bring two if going on a hike)
____ 2. Map & Compass  (Map is usually provided by the Troop)
____ 3. Flashlight / batteries
____ 4. Knife, pocket
____ 5. First Aid Kit, small   (Medication if any you are taking)
____ 6. Extra Clothing  (Jacket)
____ 7. Trail food    - Trail mix        (- and only if told to Matches,) (Everyone for camporee)
____ 8. Sunscreen/Sunglasses
____ 9. Rain Gear - Also can be two large trash bags or rain poncho or solar blanket
___ 10. Whistle (and Mirror unbreakable)

__   11 Pen or Pencil and paper

Other important items:
____  Hat
____ tissue/toilet paper & zip lock baggy
____ lip balm 

__  Sun Glasses 

__   Scout handbook (must for under 1st class, Troop Guide and Instructors !

The troop's scout essentials, are often cited as the 10 Essentials.
Each scout shall be responsible for having in their possession the required Scout Essentials at each camp-out or activity of the troop unless advised otherwise by their junior or adult leader.

(Matches - Fire Starter only if told to bring it, SPL and ASPL will provide you with Fire Starter - Matches  if needed)

BSA Type Compass