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Sunset at Sunset

Over the Lt. Island bridge

marsh view from the bridge


Just off route 6 beyond the Audubon Bird Sanctuary is Lieutenant Island Road.  A few minutes after the turn towards the bayside of the Cape a huge beautiful marsh opens up before you and just beyond over this funny little one car bridge is Lt. Island.  At high tide water comes in through the marsh and surrounds the bridge giving truth to the island designation.  But most of the time you simply wait for off island vehicles and drive straight across, back in time to your own private hidden vacation spot.  Paved road turns to packed dirt, winding through the scrub pines, around another marsh and finally up a steep hill to the crest of the highest dune on the island with sweeping views in every direction from the dune crest.  You have reached Sunrise/Sunset.

Second marsh on Lt. Island

Around the bend - second marsh

View from dune crest towards Great Island

Walk up to the Dune Crest, nothing but wind, birds and water greet your senses.  Look down on the beach below where the sand gradually creates a spit of land as the tide goes out.  Early in the summer part of the area below you is marked off as a nesting site for the endangered piping plover, but always the spit is a landing spot for a wide variety of shore birds.  And naturally so given the great abundance and wide variety of shellfish and plant life available to migrating birds here.  Depending on the time of season you are likely to see swallows overhead or perhaps one of  the large ospreys which nest in boxes in the marshes.  You can even see one of the nests in the distance from the house.  And a little bit to your right (better viewed from the deck of the house) is one of the best swimming beaches on the island. 
Across from you is Indian Neck in Wellfleet.  Further out is Great Island, a National Seashore site which protects Wellfleet Harbor and provides a gentle ridge on the horizon.  Though you can see a few houses in the distance across the way and a few around you on Lt. Island, for the most part the feeling is you are alone in nature and ready to relax.

View east from the dune crest

view from dune crest towards Indian Neck

Map of Lieutenant Island

Tide Chart

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