The Untouchables -- Live and Let Dance EP


As published in the Daily Collegian on September 10, 1984

The Untouchables are a seven-piece multi-racial band from Southern California that has garnered a huge following down South with their infectious, dance-oriented music. Initially typecast as just a ska band, The Untouchables' new EP Live and Let Dance shows them expanding their repertoire to include soul, reggae and flat-out rock 'n' roll.

Side U opens with "Free Yourself," an Otis Redding homage down to the horns. But at the same time, it is also unquestionably the UT's song because of the unmistakable vocal harmonies. The other two cuts on Side U, "Lebanon" and "Whiplash," are ska-stompers with "Lebanon" getting extra points for being political.

Side T has "What's Gone Wrong" and its companion piece "What's Gone (Dub)." "Wrong" is a sinuous reggae love song while, "(Dub)" is the same song taken apart and put back together slighly askew by tape effects. "What's Gone (Dub)" is of interest only to hardcore reggae fans, but "What's Gone Wrong" should appeal to everybody because of it's great melody and universal subject matter. The EP closes with a live version of "Stepping Stone," an old rock chestnut covered by such diverse artists as The Monkees, The Sex Pistols, Paul Revere and the Raiders and Jimi Hendrix. The Untouchables give it the full rocking-out treatment that it deserves and ends this action-packed EP on an up note.

--Jim Connelly

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